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Quarter Sessions
Object ID
AUG 1823 F043 QS
Description Level
Quarter Sessions
System of Arrangement
Organized by Court of Quarter Sessions term.
Arranged by case number within each term.
Chambers, David
Foust, Jacob
Greider, Martin
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Quarter Sessions
Charge: stealing chickens
Object Name
Object ID
AUG 1823 F043 QS
RG 02-00 0908
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, PA
Additional Notes
Also: Jacob Foust.
Stealing chickens belonging to Martin Greider.
1 item, 1 piece
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at Reference Desk; photocopy made by staff member.
Less detail
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Object ID
CommOrder 1823 #153
Description Level
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
This record group contains canceled orders that were issued by the county commissioners for payment to be made by the county treasurer. The orders show date, order number, amount, name of payee, purpose, and signatures of the county commissioners. In the case of "poor children," teachers were reimbursed by the county for tuition and/or the supplies purchased for students whose parents were unable to pay. Orders include: Poor Children, Almshouse, Bridges, Coroners' Inquests, Prisons, Roads, Court House, and Tax Exonerations.
System of Arrangement
The record group is organized chronologically, then arranged by order number within each year.
Date of Accumulation
County Commissioners
Ackerman, George
Amend, Laurence
Andrews, Arthur
Ankrim, Samuel
Anwerter, Leonard
App, John
Aster, John
Axer, Jacob
Bachman, John
Bailey, Thomas
Balance, John
Bank, Philip
Barr, George
Bauman, Jacob
Beatty, William P.
Becker, Henry
Becker, John
Bentz, Peter
Binkley, David
Bitner, Jacob
Black, Robert
Bollinger, Peter
Bonum, Samuel C.
Boreman, Dewalt
Boys, William
Bremmer, Adam
Brenner, Jacob
Bricker, John
Brimmer, Henry
Brown, David Jr.
Brown, Jeremiah
Brown, Martin
Brown, William
Brubaker, George
Brubaker, Henry
Brubaker, Michael
Bruner, Casper
Buckius, William
Buckwalter, David
Buckwalter, Henry
Bunting, William
Buyers, John
Carpenter, Christian
Carpenter, Isaac
Carpenter, Michael
Carswell, Moses
Cassel, Abraham
Chamberlain, Calvin
Chambers, Joseph
Charles, Abraham
Coleman, James
Conard, Abraham
Cooper, Trueman
Daersk, John
Deague, Peter
Dietrich, Henry
Diffenbaugh, Abraham
Diffenderfer, John
Diffenderfer, Michael
Dorwart, John
Dorwart, Jonas
Downer, Henry
Duchman, George
Duffey, James
Eby, Jacob
Eckman, Jacob
Eckman, Martin
Elser, George
Engel, John
Erb, John
Erisman, John
Eshleman, Jacob
Evans, John
Evans, Robert
Fasnacht, Samuel
Fellebaum, Isaac
Ferree, William
Fetter, Frederick
Flick, William Jr.
Foesig, John
Foesig, William
Forney, Jacob
Forney, Peter
Franciscus, Christopher
Funck, Jacob
Furnace, Gardner
Gemberling, Jacob
Gerber, Jacob
Getz, Jacob
Getz, John Jr.
Gibble, Henry
Gibbler, Peter
Gibbons, Abraham
Gonter, John Jr.
Good, John
Goodyear, William
Graeff, Michael
Gray, Richard
Grebill, Jacob
Greider, Martin
Grim, Leonard
Groff, John
Gumpf, Mathias
Habecker, Daniel
Haldeman, Henry
Haller, Samuel
Hambright, Michael
Haverstick, George
Hawman, Peter
Hemper, Henry
Hensel, Jacob
Hensel, John
Hensel, William Sr.
Hensell, Jacob
Herr, Christian Jr.
Hinkle, Jonathan
Hitzelberger, George
Hoffman, Valentine
Holl, Daniel
Hollinger, John
Hook, Anthony
Hooke, David
Hoover, George
Huber, Samuel
Jamison, John
Jamison, Samuel
Johns, Jacob
Johns, Peter
Jones, Joseph
Kauffman, Andrew B.
Kaufman, John
Keller, Jacob
Keneagy, Henry
Killer, Joshua
Killian, Philip
Kindig, Samuel
King, George
King, Robert
King, Vincent
Kinsey, Abel
Kinzer, George
Kissel, George
Kline, Charles
Kline, Peter
Kling, Samuel
Kuntzer, William
Kurtz, Christopher
Kurtz, Jacob
Laber, George
Landis, David
Landis, Jacob
Landis, John
Leaman, John Jr.
Lechler, William
Lehman, Benjamin
Leibley, Jacob
Leman, Christian
Lentz, Michael
Levering, John
Lichty, John
Lind, Abraham
Lindemuth, Peter
Lindemuth, Peter Jr.
LIndy, Jacob
Lloyd, George
Lockert, Charles
Lutz, Adam
Lutz, George
Lynch, Thomas
Mann, Bernard
Mann, John
Markle, Daniel
Martin, David
Mason, John
Maxwell, Hugh
Maxwell, William
McClane, James
McCrabb, David
McCurdy, Adams
McGinner, James
McKasky, John
McLaughlin, John
Mendenhall, Isaac
Menter, Jacob
Mentzer, Jacob
Messenkop, George
Metzgar, Adam
Meyer, David
Miller, Abraham
Miller, David Jr.
Miller, Henry
Miller, Jacob
Mishey, Jacob
Mohler, John
Moore, Samuel B.
Moore, Zachariah
Morgan, Thomas
Morry, George
Muma, Jonas
Musselman, John
Musser, Henry
Musser, Joseph
Musser, Mathias
Myer, John
Mylin, Abram
Mylin, Jacob
Nagle, Frederick
Nagle, Rudolph C.
Neeper, Samuel
Neff, Christian
Neff, John
Nell, John
Peck, Nicholas
Pennington, Robert
Perry, David
Pfautz, John Jr.
Pfautz, Samuel
Price, William
Quigg, James M.
Rank, Peter
Rea, James
Reif, Samuel
Reigart, Daniel
Reigart, John
Reist, Peter
Remley, Henry
Reynolds, Reuben
Rogers, Samuel
Rogers, Thomas
Rohrer, David
Roop, Jacob
Royer, Abraham
Royer, Philip
Rupp, John
Rush, Henry
Rusinger, George
Rutt, Henry
Scott, David
Scott, William
Shaeffer, Emanuel
Sheaffer, Peter
Sheldon, Thomas
Shultz. David
Shirk, David
Shober, John
Shuman, Jacob
Sillhart, James
Singer, Martin
Slough, Jacob
Smith, Christian
Smith, Jacob
Spera, Henry
Sprout, James
Steffy, George
Steinmetz, Charles Jr.
Stouffer, George
Tressler, Adam
Trippart, Jacob
Trout, David
Wade, Daniel
Way, Michael
Weaver, Christian
Weaver, John Jr.
Weaver, Samuel
Weidler, George
Weigart, George
Weller, Jacob
Wentz, Joseph
Wentz, Thomas
Wickel, Henry
Withers, John
Witmer, John
Witmer, Jonas
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
70 boxes (35 cubic ft.)
Object Name
Condition Date
Object ID
CommOrder 1823 #153
RG 08-01 0510
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, PA
Box 0003
Box Number
Never entered into Q&A.
Additional Notes
List of grand and petit jurors.
Rohrer, David.
King, Vincent.
Kauffman, Andrew B.
Getz, Jacob.
Fetter, Frederick.
King, George.
Buckius, William.
Brimmer, Henry.
Boys, William.
Bitner, Jacob.
Remley, Henry.
Lechler, William.
Miller, Henry.
Daersk, John.
Forney, Jacob.
Gerber, Jacob.
Hensel, Jacob.
Rogers, Thomas.
Dorwart, Jonas.
Hook, Anthony.
Ferree, William.
Tressler, Adam.
Rusinger, George.
Kaufman, John.
Graeff, Michael.
Forney, Peter.
Royer, Abraham.
Hensel, John.
Hensel, William Sr.
Messenkop, George.
Reigart, Daniel.
Chambers, Joseph.
Bruner, Casper.
Getz, John Jr.
Aster, John.
Erisman, John.
Gumpf, Mathias.
Bachman, John.
Lind, Abraham.
Axer, Jacob.
Shaeffer, Emanuel.
Kindig, Samuel.
Franciscus, Christopher.
Metzgar, Adam.
Brown, William.
Kling, Samuel.
Maxwell, Hugh.
Kline, Charles.
Slough, Jacob.
App, John.
LIndy, Jacob.
Trippart, Jacob.
Stouffer, George.
Ackerman, George.
Rogers, Samuel.
Engel, John.
Flick, William Jr.
Landis, John.
Jamison, John.
Sheldon, Thomas.
Chamberlain, Calvin.
Gonter, John Jr.
Keller, Jacob.
Royer, Philip.
Elser, George.
Buyers, John.
Boreman, Dewalt.
Lindemuth, Peter Jr.
Eby, Jacob.
Shuman, Jacob.
Nagle, Rudolph C.
Weaver, John Jr.
Funck, Jacob.
Rea, James Esq.
Kinzer, George.
Hollinger, John.
Smith, Christian.
Dorwart, John.
Haverstick, George.
Goodyear, William.
Martin, David.
Duchman, George.
Bollinger, Peter.
Witmer, John.
Hemper, Henry.
Deague, Peter.
Groff, John.
Muma, Jonas.
Rutt, Henry.
Diffenderfer, John.
Coleman, James
Sillhart, James.
Mohler, John.
Brown, Martin.
Singer, Martin.
Morgan, Thomas.
Peck, Nicholas.
Reif, Samuel.
Brubaker, Michael.
Carpenter, Christian.
Weaver, Christian.
Haller, Samuel.
Carpenter, Michael.
Pfautz, John. Jr.
Cassel, Abraham.
Hambright, Michael.
Wickel, Henry.
Bauman, Jacob.
Erb, John.
McKasky, John.
Rupp, John.
Haldeman, Henry.
Mylin, Abram.
Ankrim, Samuel.
Diffenderfer, Michael.
Fellebaum, Isaac.
Reist, Peter.
Eckman, Jacob.
Kinsey, Abel.
Becker, Henry.
Gemberling, Jacob.
Hoffman, Valentine.
Shirk, David.
Weidler, George.
Good, John.
Evans, John.
Perry, David.
Levering, John.
Mylin, Jacob.
Leman, Christian.
Roop, Jacob.
Gibbler, Peter.
Withers, John.
Hawman, Peter.
Pennington, Robert.
Bentz, Peter.
Shober, John.
Buckwalter, Henry.
Wentz, Thomas Esq.
Neff, John.
Gray, Richard.
Mendenhall, Isaac.
Brubaker, George.
Rush, Henry Esq.
Gibble, Henry.
Amend, Laurence.
Kissel, George.
Huber, Samuel.
Moore, Samuel B.
Weller, Jacob.
Way, Michael.
Lehman, Benjamin.
Weigart, George.
Sprout, James.
Gibbons, Abraham.
Scott, David.
Miller, Jacob.
Moore, Zachariah.
Greider, Martin.
Grebill, Jacob.
Mishey, Jacob.
Bunting, William.
Nell, John.
McLaughlin, John.
Habecker, Daniel.
Johns, Jacob.
Rohrer, David.
Grim, Leonard.
Charles, Abraham.
Lloyd, George.
Mason, John.
Landis, David.
Shultz. David.
Lichty, John.
Holl, Daniel.
Duffey, James.
Anwerter, Leonard.
Steinmetz, Charles Jr.
Fasnacht, Samuel.
Reynolds, Reuben.
McGinner, James.
Myer, John Esq.
Musser, Henry.
Furnace, Gardner.
Balance, John.
Sheaffer, Peter.
Johns, Peter.
Brenner, Jacob.
Neeper, Samuel.
Brubaker, Henry.
Meyer, David.
Cooper, Trueman.
Mann, Bernard.
Buckwalter, David.
Bank, Philip.
Conard, Abraham.
Bricker, John.
Black, Robert.
Jones, Joseph.
Becker, John.
Weaver, Samuel.
Barr, George.
Carswell, Moses.
Markle, Daniel,
Kurtz, Christopher.
Smith, Jacob.
Lutz, Adam.
Bremmer, Adam.
Bailey, Thomas.
Maxwell, William.
Nagle, Frederick.
Herr, Christian Jr.
Hensell, Jacob.
Miller, Abraham.
Kurtz, Jacob.
Landis, Jacob.
Downer, Henry.
Gray, RIchard.
Binkley, David.
Leaman, John Jr.
Mentzer, Jacob.
Andrews, Arthur.
Steffy, George.
Spera, Henry.
Beatty, William P. Esq.
Hinkle, Jonathan.
Lockert, Charles.
Brown, Jeremiah.
Jamison, Samuel.
King, Robert.
Quigg, James M.
Leibley, Jacob.
Kline, Peter.
Lutz, George.
Dietrich, Henry.
Lynch, Thomas.
Lentz, Michael.
Keneagy, Henry.
Menter, Jacob.
Eshleman, Jacob.
Mann, John.
Wentz, Joseph.
Reigart, John.
Hooke, David.
Musser, Joseph.
Witmer, Jonas.
Brown, David Jr.
Rank, Peter.
Lindemuth, Peter.
Bonum, Samuel C.
Pfautz, Samuel.
McClane, James.
Kuntzer, William.
Laber, George.
Hoover, George.
Wade, Daniel.
Foesig, William.
Evans, Robert.
Hitzelberger, George.
Musselman, John.
Foesig, John.
Miller, David Jr.
Price, William.
Trout, David.
Killian, Philip.
Scott, William.
Musser, Mathias.
Killer, Joshua.
McCurdy, Adams.
McCrabb, David.
Diffenbaugh, Abraham.
Neff, Christian.
Eckman, Martin.
Morry, George.
Carpenter, Isaac.
20 items. 20 pieces.
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at research desk. Photocopy made by staff member.
Less detail