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Reiff to Riffe family in America. ancestors and descendants of Mennonite Reiff brothers: Hans, John Jacob, & Abraham: Reiff, Reif, Rieff, Rief, Rife, Riffe
Riffe, Fred J.
Date of Publication
Call Number
929 R564
Alternate Title
Reiff to Riffe family in America, volume II
Fred J. Riffe.
Riffe, Fred J.
Place of Publication
[Marathon, Fla
F.J. Riffe : Book orders to Reiff to Riffe Family in America,
Date of Publication
Physical Description
xvi, 598 p. : ill., ports ; 29 cm.
Printed by Thomson-Shore, Inc., Dexter, Michigan 48130.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 521-533) and index.
Reiff, Hans, - b. ca. 1688 - Family.
Reiff, John Jacob, - b. ca. 1694 - Family.
Reiff, Abraham, - ca. 1696-1763 - Family.
Rife family.
Philadelphia County (Pa.) - Genealogy.
Montgomery County (Pa.) - Genealogy.
Lancaster County (Pa.) - Genealogy.
Lancaster History Library - Book
Call Number
929 R564
Less detail

The Yeagleys of Penryn : the Edward Hummer Yeagley family with genealogies of Jacob Jäckle and John Hummer
Yeagley, Herbert W.
Date of Publication
Call Number
929 Y37
by Herbert W. Yeagley and Ronald D. Myers.
Yeagley, Herbert W.
Place of Publication
[Southhampton, PA]
R.D. Myers,
Date of Publication
Physical Description
vi, 146 p. : ill., maps ; 29 cm.
"December 1998."
Includes index.
Yeagley family.
Yeagley, Edward Hummer, - 1864-1937 - Family.
Jaeckle family.
Jäckle, Jacob, - b. ca. 1740 - Family.
Hummer family.
Hummer, John, - 1789-1847 - Family.
Pennsylvania - Genealogy.
Additional Author
Myers, Ronald D.
Lancaster History Library - Book
Call Number
929 Y37
Less detail
Call Number
Family files are created for Lancaster County families. They may contain correspondence about a family, short genealogies and charts, photocopies of inventories and accounts, letters, etc. The size of any particular family file varies greatly.
Albright, Haman
Albright, Jacob
Albright, Charlotte
Albright, Cathrine
Albright, Sylenda
Albright, John
Albert, Abraham
Albert, Anna Maria
Albert, Johannes
Albert, Jacob
Albright, Andrew
Albright, John Henry
Albright, Susanna Elizabeth
Albright, Samuel
Albright, Elizabeth
Albright, Ella
Albright, Kate
Albright, Henry
Albright, Eugene
Albright, Nettie
Albright, Fuller
Albright, Read Ellsworth
Albright, John Joesph
Albright, Rebecca
Albright, Charles
Albright, Edward
Albright, William
Albright, Jacob German
Albright, William Orlando
Albright, Cyrus Bachman
Albright, Thomas
Albright, Susan
Albright, Benneville
Albright, Lucian
Albright, Morgan
Albright, Simon Frederick
Albright, Peter Van Buren
Albright, Haines
Albright, Mae
Albright, Paul Young
Albright, Paul James
Albright, John Francis
Albright, Clifton
Albright, Albert V.
Albright, Claire
Albright, Marie A.
Albright, Grace E.
Albright, Paul Russell
Albright, Rodney
Albright, Mary U.
Albright, Augustus H.
Albright, Ruby N.
Albright, Annie
Albright, Harry W.
Albright, Leroy
Albright, Evelyn Virgina
Albright, Henry Llyod
Albright, Marlin
Albright, Herbert
Albright, Miriam
Albright, Richard
Albright, Ellsworth
Albright, May
Albright, Lily
Albright, Cora
Albright, Emma
Albright, Christianna
Albright, Geo
Albright, Sarah
Albright, Jno B
Albright, Emiley
Albright, Terence
Albright, R
Albright, Elias
Albrecht, Anton
Albeech, Andreas
Albright, Jowl
Albright, Wilhelm
Albright, Daniel
Albright, Theodore
Albright, Virginia
Albright, Martha
Albright, Ruth
Albright, Noble
Albright, James Rhea
Albright, Harry
Albright, Newton
Albright, Warren
Albright, Sandra Kay
Albright, Eve
Albrecht, Andrew
Albrecht, Peter
Albrecht, Cathrine
Albrecht, Hans
Albright, Lodawick
Lancaster History Library - Family File
Call Number
Less detail
Call Number

Monnet family genealogy : an emphasis of a noble Huguenot heritage, somewhat of the first immigrants Isaac and Pierre Monnet being a presentation of those in America bearing the name as variously spelled, Monet, Monete, Monett, Monette, Monnet, Monnett, Monnete, Monnette, Monay, Maunay, Money, Monie, Monnie, Monat, Monatt, Manett, Mannett, Munnitt, Munnett, Manee, Maney, Amonnet, Amonet, etc., with complete genealogies of the main lines : including the history of la noble maison de Monet de la Marck, seigneurs et barons, from the year 1632 : the genealogy of seigneurs de Monnet, la Maison de Salins, from the year 1184 : and containing short accounts of certain of the Pillot, Nuthall, Sprigg, Hillary, Mariarte, Crabb, Williams, Osborn, Burrell, Hellen, Lake and Bird, Caldwell, Slagle, Reichelsdörfer, Hagenbuch, Schissler, Braucher, Wayland, Wilhoit, Kinnear, Hull, Ludwig, Lutz, et al., families
Monnette, Orra Eugene,
Date of Publication
Call Number
929 M748
written and compiled by Orra Eugene Monnette.
Monnette, Orra Eugene,
Place of Publication
Los Angeles, Calif
C.E. Bireley,
Date of Publication
Physical Description
various pagings : ill., coats of arms, facsims., maps, ports.
"Almost all of the information contained in this publication is copied from the original book authored by Mr. Orra Eugene Monnette. Since his book comprises some 1200 pages, and since it is so comprehensive as to include several other branches of the Monnette, Monette and Monnet families, only those pages have been copied and appear herein that support the genealogy of the J.B. Monnette family genealogy."
Printed from Family Tree Maker, CD193 County and Family Histories: PA, 1740-1900, Disk 2, Monnet Family Genealogy.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Monnet family.
Monnet, Isaac, - b. ca. 1650.
Monnet, Pierre, - d. ca. 1712.
Lancaster History Library - Book
Call Number
929 M748
Less detail

Revolutionary War patriots of Chestnut Level Presbyertian Church
McMullen, Roberta Patton.
Date of Publication
Call Number
285.1 M168
by Roberta Patton McMullen.
McMullen, Roberta Patton.
Place of Publication
Place not identified
Roberta Patton McMullen,
Date of Publication
Physical Description
iv, 76 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Latta, James, - Dr. - 1732-1801.
Smith, Samson, - Rev. - c1727-c1781.
Ankrim, Archibald, - c1730-1800.
Barnes, James, - 1757-1827.
Bigham, James, - 1738-1804.
Boyd, John, - Captain, - 1736-1807.
Buchanan, James, - 1727-1797.
Caldwell, Andrew, - Jr., - 1734-1808.
Caldwell, John, - Lieutenant, - 1736-1812.
Caldwell, Oliver, - 1757-1813.
Calhoun, James, - Lieutenant, - 1756-1822.
Calhoun, William, - Second Lieutenant, - 1747-1823.
Campbell, Patrick, - 1742-1817.
Clark, Thomas, - c. 1726-c1803.
Culley, Thomas, - c. 1735- c1798.
Gamble, James, - Captain - 1737-1795.
Gryder, Jacob, - 1743-1814.
Irwin, Moses, - Esquire, - 1722- 1805.
King, Rober, - Major, - 1744-1827.
Long, Hugh, - 1760-1832.
Long, James, - 1735-1803.
Long, John, - 1726-1783.
Long, Robert, - 1743-1806.
McElroy, John, - 1728-1804.
McIntire, William, - c1719-1803.
McPherson, James, - Lieutenant, - 1733-1821.
McPherson, William, - 1698-1783.
Martin, Samuel, - 1729-1795.
Morrison, James, - Captain, - 1748-1810.
Morrisonm, Samuel, - 1730-1811.
Neel, Thomas, - Lieutenant, - 1744-1824.
Pegan, James, - Jr., - 1754-1934.
Penny, Hugh, - Esquire, - 1748-1809.
Reed, George, - Esquire, - 1728-1789.
Reed, John, - 1754-1832.
Robinson, Thomas, - 1736-1803.
Steele, William, - Sr., - 1707-1780.
Steele, William, - Captain, - 1750-1822.
Wilson, John, - 1715-1812.
Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church (Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pa.) - History.
Revolutionary War 1775-1783
Lancaster County
Lancaster History Library - Lancaster County
Call Number
285.1 M168
Less detail

Ziegler-Hess family history
Snyder, Kathryn Ziegler,
Date of Publication
ca. 1993]
Call Number
929 Z66s
Alternate Title
editor: Kathryn Ziegler Snyder ; typist: Roberta Ziegler Frank ....
Snyder, Kathryn Ziegler,
Place of Publication
K.Z. Snyder?,
Date of Publication
ca. 1993]
Physical Description
[5], 157 p., [9] p. of plates : ill., facsims., map, music, ports. ; 28 cm.
Hess family.
Ziegler family.
Snyder family.
Hess, Jacob L., - 1827-1897 - Family.
Hess, Mary Ann Hess, - 1831-1879 - Family.
Ziegler, Barbara Hess, - 1858-1897 - Family.
Ziegler, Jacob, - 1857-1942 - Family.
Additional Author
Frank, Roberta Ziegler,
Lancaster History Library - Book
Call Number
929 Z66s
Less detail
Card Collection
Card Collection
Object ID
Date Range
1820 - present
, Jacob Bursk, D. S. Byrne, J. W. Campbell, L. H. Carmitchell, Thomas H. Carter, Elmer E. Charles, John A. Chase, Ernest Dudley Clark, L. F. Clarke, Samuel Cochran, Ada M. Cogley, A. H. Cooper, L. A. Crouse, Matilda G. Danner, George H. Davis, I. J. Delbo, S. L. Denlinger, B. Willis Dennis, George M
  1 document  
Card Collection
Card Collection
The Card Collection contains advertising cards for businesses throughout Lancaster County, greeting cards, invitations, membership cards, and visiting cards. The occasions represented by the greeting cards include Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year's, Easter, birthday, and anniversary cards.
Date Range
1820 - present
Date of Accumulation
1820 - present
LancasterHistory (Organization)
Storage Location
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, PA
Storage Room
Archives South
Storage Wall
Side 04
Adams, Bessie
Anderson, Ada L.
Anderson, Daisy
Armstrong, Charles Dudley
Bachman, M. E.
Bair, David
Bankratz, B.
Bausman, D. H.
Berdainer, Paul F.
Blough, Clara
Bollinger, W. H.
Bomberger, Lizzie S.
Bones, John G.
Bowers, J.
Bowers, W. B.
Boyd, George
Brackbill, Henry P.
Breneman, A. N.
Brimmer, H. J.
Brown, E. W.
Brucker, John
Bruner, P. M.
Bucher, Max
Buchmiller, D. F.
Burk, Jacob
Bursk, D. S.
Byrne, J. W.
Campbell, L. H.
Carmitchell, Thomas H.
Carter, Elmer E.
Charles, John A.
Chase, Ernest Dudley
Clark, L. F.
Clarke, Samuel
Cochran, Ada M.
Cogley, A. H.
Cooper, L. A.
Crouse, Matilda G.
Danner, George H.
Davis, I. J.
Delbo, S. L.
Denlinger, B. Willis
Dennis, George M.
Diller, H.
Diller, I. N.
Diller, Isaac
Doyle, W. A.
Eby, Samuel
Enck, W. C.
Erben, John A.
Erisman, E. J.
Erisman, George F. K.
Esbenshade, E. Herr
Fahnestock, Return E.
FonDersmith, G. L.
Frailey, William O.
Frey, Andrew G.
Frey, Walter H.
Fry, Margie J.
Fulmer, A. P.
Garber, A. M.
Garner, Emma Saylor
Gast, William H.
Getz, Charles A.
Gill, Charles S.
Gochenaur, Harry E.
Goerhing, Reaves F. Jr.
Griffits, Frank P.
Groff, Samuel A.
Grove, Fanny
Grove, L. H.
Grundisch, F.
Gundaker, H.
Haberbush, M.
Hackman, Lizzie B.
Hager, Ruth
Haldeman, Grace S. Garner
Haldeman, Sarah J.
Harbaugh, Henry
Harding, William H.
Harnish, C. B.
Harnish, D. L.
Harnish, Jacob
Harnish, M. S.
Hartman, Lewis S.
Hatz, Samuel
Heidelbaugh, Milton
Heinitsh, John F.
Heisey, Kate
Heisey, Martin Luther
Hensel, Joann W.
Herr, Daniel D.
Herr, Daniel H.
Herr, Eugene M.
Herr, Harry B.
Herr, L. B.
Hess, J. R.
Hess, Witmer
Hiemenz, John
Hireisy, F. H.
Hirsh, A.
Hoffer, D. B.
Hoffman, Barbara
Hoffmeier, A. K.
Hollinger, J. P.
Hoover, George J.
Hoover, Jacob
Houghton, M. A.
Houseal, Lottie M.
Hubley, Alfred A.
Hull, George W.
Jameson, J. P.
Jeffries, Mary
Johns, H. Forrey
Kappler, Edward S.
Keiffer, J. H.
Keiffer, Josepine
Keiper, J. M.
Keller, J. W.
Kettring, John H.
Killian, G. C.
Killian, George W.
Kinzler, Frederick
Kirchner, Sharon
Knapp, Catharine
Kreckel, Edward
Kulp, D. H.
Landis, Allen B.
Landis, Bertha Cochran
Landis, David Bachman
Landis, Katie M.
Lane, C. M.
Lebkicher, J. P.
Lefevre, P. G.
Levy, M.
Locher, Charles A.
Loeb, Millie
Loeb, William
Long, Charles E.
Lowell, J. W.
Luchenbach, H. H.
Lynch, Charles O.
MacNay, Charles
Manby, William H.
Marshall, William L.
Martin, H. A.
McClain, John C.
McCleery, Samuel B.
Merrill, Lizzie L.
Miley, Frank B.
Miller, George H.
Miltonberger, J. C.
Mower, J. H.
Moyer, J. G.
Musser, Maggie
Owens, Steve J.
Parry, H. B.
Phiffer, Amanda
Poutz, Lilian
Poutz, May
Prangley, James Jr.
Ramsdell, O. J.
Reeser, Joseph
Reinoehl, A. F.
Reitzel, Amanda
Ressel, Richard P.
Richardson, Clara V.
Riest, A. H.
Riest, J. Frank
Riest, W. A.
Ringwalt, A. G.
Roadman, Samuel H.
Rock, Allen
Rohrer, F. S.
Rohrer, J.
Rosenstein, Al
Rote, Amos C.
Rote, J. E.
Roth, John B.
Rothschild, Jacob
Roy, William H.
Royer, J. R.
Saylor, J. J.
Schaefer, E. M.
Schaum, George B.
Schmidt, H. A.
Schneider, H. J.
Schoenberger, John
Shelly, Jeremiah A.
Shirk, Peter
Shreiner, H. M.
Shrum, J. H.
Shultz, E. J.
Shultz, H. S.
Simon, C. H.
Sing, Daniel
Slandt, John W.
Smaling, J. K.
Smith, A. H.
Smith, A. Herr
Snyder, H. N.
Snyder, P. C.
Sprecher, John M.
Sprecher, William D.
Stackhouse, D. P.
Stauffer, H. S.
Stauffer, Harry F.
Steinhauser, Frank J.
Steinhauser, Kate A.
Swarr, John P.
Teahl, J. A.
Thorbahn, Fanny
Trout, Harry L.
Trout, Mary
Trout, Mollie S.
Urban, B. F. W.
Urban, Ruth
Van Pelt, Charles P.
Vollmer, Frederick
Waylan, John
Webber, Annie
Weber, Ferdinand
Weidle, Laura I.
Weikel, A. W.
Wiant, George
Wiggins, Alice B.
Wilson, Edward G
Withrow, J. L.
Wood, Helen
Woodward, A. W.
Wormley, W.
Zahm, Edward J.
Ziegler, Joe C.
Keller, John
Fordney, Sara Cox
Fordney, Thomas Potter
McIlvaine, George Duffield
Haupt, C. Elvin
Advertising cards
Associations, institutions, etc.
Business cards
Greeting cards
Invitation cards
Visiting cards
Search Terms
A. D. Caufman and Company
A. Haldeman and Company
Abraham, Eberly and Company
Adler Boots and Shoes
Advertising cards
Aikin and Neuhauser
Albany Dentists
American Tea Company
Associations, institutions, etc.
Astrich Bros.
Athenaeum, Historical, Agricultural & Mechanics' Institute
Austen's Forest Flower Cologne
Bair and Keen
Black Horse Hotel and Corn Exchange
Bomberger and Loeb
Boston Store
Bowers and Hurst
Brecht and Brothers
Burger and Sutton
Business cards
Calling cards
Cash Grocery
City Shoe Store
Colahan and Company
Columbia Spy Steam Job Print
Columbia Wagon Company
Common Sense Shoe Store
Conestoga Carriage Factory
Conestoga Grocery
Conestoga Steam Mills
Cooper House
Deichler and Schaum
Deichler's Stationary
Delmonico Café
Department stores
Eagle Shoe Store
Edison Electric Company
Estey Organ Company
F. A. North and Company
Fairview Nurseries
Farmers First Bank
Finding aids
First National Bank of Columbia
Flinn and Breneman
Flinn and Willson
Frew's Carriage Factory
Frey and Eckert
Fry and Mast
Geis and Company
George Boyd and Sons
George M. Steinman and Company
Glenn Manor Service Station and Tourist Cabins
Gottshalk and Lederman's Great New York Bazaar
Grace Lutheran Church
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company
Greeting cards
Grocery stores
Guthrie and Son
Hahn's Store
Hallet and Davis
Harnish and Company
Harting's Old Whiskies
Hatcher Company
Heitshu's Drug Store
Henwood and Thomas
Herr's Book Store
Hildesheimer and Faulkner
Hill Poultry Yard
Hirsh and Brother
Hoar and McNabb
Hoffer's Steam Drillers
Hoffmeier Brothers
Holly Tree Coffee House
Houghton's Popular Millinery
Iris Club
J. B. Martin and Company
J. F. Long and Company
J. H. Abraham and Brother
J. Rose and Son
John A. Erben's Cheap Clothing Store
John P. Schaum and Son
John Schoenberger and Sons
Keplinger and Company
Keystone Collar Factory
Kirk Johnson & Co.
L. B. Herr & Son
Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society
Lancaster Bargain Bazaar
Lancaster City Pharmacy
Lancaster Country Store
Lancaster County Chapter National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Lancaster Gas Light and Fuel Company
Lancaster Maennerchor
Lancaster Photo Engraving Company
Lancaster Trust Company
Lane and Company
Locher's Drug Store
M. Deichler and Son
Manby's Music Store
Manuscript groups
Marshall E. Smith Company
Mayor and Simon
Merrick Thread Company
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Miesse Candies & Ice Cream
Miller and Bushong
Miller and Umbdenstock
Mitchell's Carpet Cleaning House
Morrow's Fine Shoes
Muhlenberg's Drug Store
Myers and Rathfon
National Bearings Company
Neffsville Hotel
New York Dairy Lunch
New York Millinery Store
Norbeck and Miley
Novelty Bazaar
P. C. Snyder and Brother
Palace Saloon
Penn Boiler and Burner Manufacturing Corporation
Pennsylvania Clothing Company
Philip Schum, Son and Company
Popular Cigar Store
Powell and Rhode's New Dancing Academy
R. B. and H. Factory
Ranck and Kurtz
Reece's Parlor Shoe Store
Reilly Brothers and Raub
Royal St. John Sewing Machine Office
S. B. Cox and Company
S. H. Zahm and Company
Samuel Hatz's Tobacco and Cigar Store
Shaub and Brothers
Shaub and Burns
Shiffler Fire Company
Shirk's Carpet Hall
Shultz's Sons
Singer Manufacturing Company
Singer Sewing Machine Company
Slough and Brother
Slough and Kauffman
Sorrel Horse Hotel
St. James Episcopal Church
Star Shoe House
Stauffer and Company
Steckel Printing, Inc.
Steinwandle Boots and Shoes
Stockyard Inn
Stoner, Shreiner and Company
Swan Hotel
Swarthmore College
Thomae's Fashionable Millinery
Thomas W. Price Company
Trade cards
Trinity Choral Society
Visiting cards
W. A. Reist and Company
Wenger Carriage Factory
West and Haverstick
Westhaeffer's Book Store
White, Stokes and Allen
William D. Sprecher and Son
William Knabe and Company
William Kray and Company
Williamson and Foster
Women's Republican Club
3 boxes, 6 series, 1.5 cubic ft.
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LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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