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Liquor License Papers
Liquor License Papers
Object ID
Tav 1857 F40 I03
Liquor License Papers
Liquor License Papers
System of Arrangement
Arranged by municipalities by year.
Storage Location
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, PA
Storage Container
Box 0023
Herr, Martin
Rohrer, Martin
Rehm, Jacob
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Object Name
Object ID
Tav 1857 F40 I03
Box Number
Additional Notes
Bond: Martin Rohrer, Jacob Rehm.
2 items, 2 pieces
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at Reference Desk; photocopy made by staff member.
RG 02-00 0602
Description Level
Less detail
Object ID
Ren 1837 F014
Date Range
Admin/Biographical History
Renunciations are papers filed in the Orphans' Court by executors of an estate who do not wish to administer that estate. They show the name of the decedent, the decedent's place of residence, the name of the person renouncing administration, the name of the replacement administrator to be appointed, and date.
Date Range
Register of Wills
Storage Location
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, PA
Storage Room
Archives West
Storage Container
Box 0003
Gertzler, Maximillian Fideli
Rosch, Margaret Gertzler
Rehm, Jacob
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Object Name
Object ID
Ren 1837 F014
Box Number
Associated Material
Administrators Accounts
Miscellaneous Orphans' Court Papers
Additional Notes
Renouncer: Gertzler, Margaret.
Administrator: Rehm, Jacob.
1 item, 1 piece
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Restricted use of original. A photocopy will be made for patron use.
RG 03-00 0115
Description Level
Less detail
Judge Henry G. Long Collection
Judge Henry G. Long Collection
Object ID
Date Range
Content Note:This collection contains the legal and personal papers of Judge Henry G. Long. The first ten boxes contain notes of argument and notes of testimony for civil and criminal cases. The remaining papers include receipts for local businesses and services, accounts, documents relating to turnpikes
  1 document  
Judge Henry G. Long Collection
Judge Henry G. Long Collection
This collection contains the legal and personal papers of Judge Henry G. Long. The first ten boxes contain notes of argument and notes of testimony for civil and criminal cases. The remaining papers include receipts for local businesses and services, accounts, documents relating to turnpikes, speeches, stock certificates, deeds, correspondence, and petitions.
Date Range
Creation Date
Year Range From
Year Range To
Long, Henry Grimler, 1804-1889
Storage Location
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, PA
Storage Room
Archives South
Storage Wall
Side 08
Aaron, John
Adams, Elias
Adams, Elias L.
Adams, Jacob
Adams, Joseph
Adams, Lydia
Addams, Jacob
Albright, Ann
Albright, Mary
Anderson, J.
Anderson, John
Anderson, Joseph F.
Anderson, Joseph T.
Ansel, Martin
Ansel, Susan
Appold, B. F.
Armor, Robert
Armstrong, Catharine
Armstrong, William
Arndt, Philip
Arnold, Gideon
Arnold, Gideon W.
Arnold, Megan
Atkins, C. M.
Bachman, D. C.
Baker, Mary
Balenius, A. W.
Ball, George L.
Ballman, George
Balmer, Andrew
Balmer, Lucy
Bamborough, John
Bard, Daniel
Bard, Isaac L.
Bard, John
Bard, Michael
Bare, Adam
Bare, Daniel L.
Barnhart, John
Barr, Abraham M.
Barr, J. K.
Barr, Jacob
Barr, John R.
Barry, John
Bartholemew, Charles
Bassler, John
Baumgardner, Henry
Baumgardner, Thomas
Bausman, Abraham
Bausman, Jacob
Bear, Evan
Bear, Jacob A.
Beatty, William
Bech, John
Becher, John
Beck, Adam
Beck, Daniel
Beck, Hetty Ann
Beck, Sarah Elizabeth
Becker, Daniel
Becker, Mary
Beckley, William
Bell, William
Bender, John
Bender, William
Benton, Robert
Bickman, Stephen G.
Billingfelt, Esaias
Binkley, Barbara
Bitner, Abraham
Bitner, John R.
Bitzer, Isaac
Black, Adam
Black, Cyrus
Black, John
Black, Maria
Black, Thomas
Blight, Isaac O.
Blocker, John
Bobb, John
Boggs, Ann
Boggs, Jane
Boggs, John
Bohill, John M.
Bomberger, George H.
Bossler, Jacob
Bostick, Franklin
Boughter, Charles
Bowers, A. E.
Bowman, Benjamin
Bowman, Christian H.
Bowman, Elizabeth
Bowman, George W.
Bowman, Henry H.
Bowman, Lydia
Bowman, Samuel
Bowman, Susan
Boyce, Moses
Boyd, Augustus
Boyd, Carrie R.
Boyd, John A.
Boyd, Richard
Brandt, Benjamin
Brandt, George W.
Brandt, Samuel
Brant, Daniel
Brant, Dave
Breneman, Abraham
Breneman, Benjamin
Breneman, Christian H.
Breneman, Henry
Breneman, Susan
Brenneman, Abraham M.
Brenneman, Henry H.
Brenneman, John L.
Brian, James
Brintnall, Joseph
Brisben, David
Brooke, Edward
Brooke, George
Brosey, John
Brown, Henry
Brown, Jacob
Brown, Morris
Brown, Samuel P.
Brubaker, Simon
Bucher, Samuel
Buckwalter, Jacob E.
Buffenmeyer, Peter
Bull, Julia H.
Bull, Thomas K.
Bunes, Amos A.
Bunting, John
Burkholder, Christian
Burkholder, Jacob
Burly, George
Burrow, Thomas H.
Butler, Charles
Butzer, Charles
Buyers, James
Byrade, George
Cadwell, Jay
Cahill, John
Cain, Henry B.
Caldwell, Samuel
Capel, David
Carpenter, George
Carpenter, Thomas
Carrigan, Martha
Carson, Henry P.
Cattrell, J.
Cattrell, Joseph M.
Charles, Samuel
Hamp, Christian
Clapper, Michael
Clark, H. G.
Clark, Henry C.
Clark, James B.
Clark, Jim
Clark, John D.
Clark, John W.
Clark, Robert
Clarkson, Robert
Cochran, J. J.
Cochran, John J.
Cockley, Aaron
Coldwell, Jay
Coleman, William
Connell, Mark
Connell, Moore
Conray, John
Cooper, Catharine
Cooper, John
Cooper, William
Coover, Isaac
Copel, Emil
Coulston, Barbara
Coulston, George
Coulston, Henry
Cover, Isaac
Cowan, John F.
Creamer, Jacob
Culbert, Michael
Cummings, John
Curtis, Walter
Dagan, Jacob
Danner, Jacob
Davidson, Jacob
Davies, Samuel
Davis, Gabriel
Davis, Levi
Davis, Lewis
Deitzler, Melchior
Demme, Christopher
Demmy, Mary
Demuth, Alexander
Dickson, Mary
Diffenbaugh, Adam
Diffenbaugh, Catharine
Diffenbaugh, George
Diffenbaugh, Henry
Diffenbough, Adam
Diffenbough, George
Diffenderfer, Henry
Diller, Lucy A.
Diller, Roland
Diller, Samuel
Diller, William
Doestler, Michael
Dohnes, Elias
Dombach, Anthony
Doniffer, Benjamin
Donovan, Joseph
Downey, Thomas
Downey, Wright
Doyle, P. C.
Doyle, Patrick C.
Drippen, Robert
Dripps, Robert
Drolsbach, Christian
Druckmiller, Catharine
Druckmiller, Jacob
Dufresne, Samuel
Duncan, R.
Dunkle, John
Dustman, John P.
Dysart, James P.
Dysart, Samuel A.
Eaby, Jacob
Eaby, Jane Ann
Eby, Christian
Eby, Daniel L.
Eby, Isaac
Eby, Samuel
Eckert, Catharine
Eckert, Otteman S.
Eckman, Albert
Ellmaker, Nathaniel Jr.
Elser, John
Elser, John L.
Emanuel H. Shirk
Enck, John
Engel, John
Erb, John
Erben, John
Erisman, Jacob M.
Erisman, John
Eschbach, H. H.
Eshleman, Amos
Eshleman, David G.
Eshleman, Jacob
Estabrook, T. D.
Ettenheimer, David
Evans, James
Evans, Samuel
Fahnstock, Peter
Farlow, Isaac
Ferguson, Robert A.
Ferree, James B.
Fetter, Jacob
Filbert, Lewis S.
Fillinger, Rebecca
Fitch, A. I.
Fitzpatrick, Michael
Flick, Louisa
Ford, George
Fox, William
Frank, Fred
Frank, Margaret
Frankhauser, Henry
Frantz, Franklin
Frantz, George
Frantz, Jacob
Frantz, William
Frazer, Reah
Frederick, Lewis
Freed, Abraham
Frick, W.
Fritz, Adam
Fry, Henry
Fry, John
Fry, Martin H.
Fry, William
Funk, Amos
Funk, Henry
Furness, Benjamin
Furness, Thomas
Gable, John S.
Gallon, Michael
Galt, Alexander
Gander, Benjamin B.
Gander, Joseph
Garrecht, John
Garrecht, W. H.
Gast, Christian
Gates, R. L.
Gates, Sarah
Gay, Edward F.
Gebhart, Jacob R.
Gebrecht, John
Geist, John
Gerhart, Clara
Gerhart, George
Gertz, A. J.
Gest, John
Getz, Lousia
Gilchrist, David
Gillespie, Nathaniel
Gillespie, Stephen M.
Girvin, Isaac
Gisch, Amanda
Gist, John
Glass, Henry
Gleim, William
Glig, Francis
Gochenour, Benjamin
Gocklin, Henry
Gocklin, Mrs. Henry
Gonart, William
Gonder, Benjamin B.
Good, Israel
Good, Jacob K.
Good, John
Good, John K.
Goodhart, Catharine
Gormley, Mary
Gorrecht, John
Gorrecht, William H.
Grass, Jacob
Grass, John H.
Grass, John W.
Gray, Henry
Graybill, Henry
Graybill, Henry B.
Grebill, Catharine
Grebill, J. H.
Grebill, John
Grebill, Susan
Green, Patrick
Green, William
Greer, James
Greider, Andrew
Greiner, John
Grillbatzer, Jacob
Groff, Abraham
Groff, Amos
Groff, Benjamin B.
Groff, Elizabeth
Groff, F. B.
Groff, Francis
Groff, Francis B.
Groff, Jacob
Groff, John H.
Groff, John W.
Grove, Henry
Grubb, Clement B.
Grubb, Edward B.
Grubb, Mary L.
Grube, Casper
Grube, Jacob
Gruber, Martin
Gryder, Christian
Gunnion, Joseph
Gyger, John
Hackman, A. S.
Hadden, James
Hagan, John
Hagy, John
Haines, Sarah
Haldeman, Peter
Hall, Christian
Hall, Gillman
Hall, Peter
Hallowell, Sophie
Hambleton, Elias
Hamilton, Ann
Hamilton, J.
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, William
Hand, George
Hank, Christian
Hanselman, Joseph
Harding, Catharine
Harding, John
Harding, Peter
Harffler, Charles
Harlan, John P.
Harnes, Hannah
Hart, John
Hart, Samuel
Harting, John
Hatz, John
Hayden, Ellen
Hayes, William
Hebrank, Henry
Hebrank, Sophia
Heckert, George
Heiney, David Jr.
Heinley, John M.
Heinley, Lewis
Heinz, Isaac
Heistand, Jacob
Heister, Isaac E.
Heister, Jonathan D.
Heitler, Richard R.
Hemperly, Elizabeth
Hemperly, Michael
Henderson, David
Henderson, Reed
Henderson, Samuel
Henry, Thaddeus L.
Hensel, William
Herbst, Charles
Herman, Israel L.
Hernessy, Andrew
Herr, Abraham
Herr, Benjamin G.
Herr, Martin
Herr, Mrs. Martin
Hershey, Ephraim
Hertzler, Christian
Hertzler, Jacob
Herzog, Jacob
Hess, Benjamin
Hess, Daniel
Hess, David M.
Hess, Elizabeth
Hess, Martha
Hess, Michael
Hess, Samuel B.
Hester, R. R.
Hibshman, Hans
Hiestand, Jacob
Hiester, J. K.
Hiester, Jonathan D.
Hildebrand, John
Hirsh, Abraham
Hockley, Fred. S.
Hoffman, George
Hoffman, Samuel
Hogg, Bernard
Hollingsworth, C.
Holsinger, Daniel
Hooper, Maris
Horst, John G.
Hostetter, Abraham
Hostetter, D.
Hostetter, John
Hostetter, John L.
Hough, William T.
Housekeeper, Philip
Houston, Benjamin F.
Howlett, Rebecca
Huber, Jacob
Huber, Jonathan D.
Huber, Michael
Huber, Peter
Hummel, Jacob
Hurley, John
Huskey, Benjamin
Huston, Samuel
Illgers, David
Imhoff, Henry
Jaggart, Thomas R.
John, Mary
Johns, Isaac W.
Johns, John
Johns, Mary
Johns, Pete
Johns, Samuel
Johns, William
Johnson, Elizabeth D.
Johnson, James
Johnson, Samuel
Johnston, Richard M.
Jones, Isaac
Kain, Robert
Karflett, Henry
Kauffman, Henry
Keech, David H.
Keen, David
Keen, Elijah
Keener, James
Keener, John
Keesey, Henry
Keiser, George
Kellenberger, Catherine
Kellenberger, John
Keller, Daniel
Keller, Mary
Keller, Samuel
Kellinger, David
Kellnberger, John
Kelly, Michael
Kemper, Daniel
Kemper, Henry
Kemper, Jacob
Kendrick, Eber
Keneagy, Jacob
Kennedy, John W.
Kennedy, Sylvester
Kennedy, Winfield S.
Kent, Michael
Kercher, John
Kern, Solomon
Kieffer, C.
Killian, Ebenezer
Killinger, David
King, Abraham
King, Elmer
King, Samuel M.
Kinzer, George W.
Kinzer, Henry
Kirk, Jack L.
Klauser, Hiram N.
Klauser, Levi
Klauser, Peter
Kleiss, George
Kline, Jacob
Klopp, John
Kneally, David
Knobbs, Clara
Knobbs, Joseph
Kohe, Samuel
Kohr, Jacob Sr.
Kohr, Samuel
Kolb, Hiram
Kopp, Henry
Kopp, John P.
Kopp, Joseph
Krady, Jacob B.
Kreider, Ann Elizabeth
Kreider, Daniel
Kreider, Jacob
Kreider, William
Kreider, William E.
Kreiter, Christian
Kryder, Charles H.
Kulp, John
Kurtz, Henry H.
Kurtz, Henry K.
Kurtz, J. H.
Kurtz, Jacob
Lacher, H. C.
Laird, James
Lambert Hess
Landis, David
Landis, Henry L.
Landis, Isaac
Landis, Joseph
Landis, L.
Landis, Levi L.
Landis, S. M.
Landis, Samuel
Landy, Jacob P.
Lane, James Buchanan
Lapp, Michael
Lapp, Mildred
Lauchman, Daniel
Laughlan, John
Leader, A.
Leader, Joshua
Leader, Margaret
Leader, William A.
Leaman, Joseph
Leber, Jacob
LeFever, George W.
Lehman, Abraham
Letly, William
Levess, Morris
Libe, Joseph
Lightner, Peter E.
Lincoln, Abraham
Lindemuth, Henrietta E.
Lintner, John
Lipp, Balter
Lipp, Baltzer
Locher, Henry L.
Locher, Michael H.
Lockhard, Samuel F.
Lockhard, William F.
London, John
Long, David
Long, Henry Grimler
Long, William
Longenecker, Benjamin
Longenecker, Christian
Longenecker, David
Longenecker, Samuel
Luciani, Roseanna
Lutz, Jesse
Lynch, John
Lyson, Jesse M.
Mann, J.
Markley, John
Marks, Frances
Marshall, Joseph T.
Grass, Martin
Martin, George
Martin, Henry
Martin, Jacob F.
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Michael
Mathes, Andrew
Matlock, Timothy
Mayer, Elam
Mayer, George
Mayer, Peter
McBride, George W.
McCarren, James
McCaskey, John
McCaully, William
McClellan, Joseph P.
McClure, Thomas
McComony, Peter
McCumsey, Samuel
McDonald, John
McElroy, George W.
McElwain, Daniel
McFarel, Rosanna
McFarland, Richard
McFillan, Sylvester
McGonigle, Bernard
McGrann, John
McGrann, Richard
McIntyre, Ann B.
McIntyre, Milton
McIntyre, William
McLaughlin, E. B.
McMahan, James
McMullin, Patrick
McMurtree, Benjamin E.
McNeely, David, Jr
McQuesney, William
Meekins, Luke
Mehring, Henry
Meinell, Jacob
Meixel, Jacob
Meixell, John
Meyers, Jacob
Mifflin, John Houston
Miles, Michael
Millbaver, Sebastian
Miller, Andrew
Miller, George
Miller, Henry
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Miller, William
Minnich, Abraham
Minnich, Jacob
Minnich, Michael
Mishler, Benjamin
Mishler, Isaac B.
Modderwell, Thomas
Moll, Elizabeth
Monk, John
Mourer, David
Mourer, John
Mowrer, Elizabeth
Mowrer, John
Moyer, Michael
Mullison, James
Mullison, Reuben
Murr, Isaac
Murry, James
Musselman, Christian
Musselman, Henry
Musselman, John
Musselman, Roseanna
Musser, Christian
Musser, Sarah
Mussleman, Henry D.
Myer, Mary Ann
Myer, Samuel
Myers, Abraham
Myers, Christian
Myers, David B.
Myers, Eckert
Myers, Henry K.
Myers, Henry L.
Myers, Henry S.
Myers, Jacob
Myers, Nathaniel
Mylin, Eli K.
Nagle, Christopher E.
Neal, James O.
Neal, Thomas
Neal, Thomas, Jr.
Neff, Alden J.
Neil, Thomas
Newhouser, John
Nissley, Jacob
Noblis, James
Nolt, John
Norton, George
Nunemacher, Daniel
O'Rourke, Patrick J.
Oatman, Zachariah
Okeson, Daniel
Opdye, Stacy P.
Overdeer, Eli
Overholtzer, Daniel
Overholtzer, Isaac
Overholtzer, Mary
Palm, David
Parke, Benjamin
Parker, Mary L. Grubb
Parks, Benjamin
Patterson, James, Jr.
Patterson, John
Patterson, Robert
Patterson, Robert W.
Patton, William
Peabody, George
Peck, Jacob
Pennington, John B.
Peoples, John
Perill, Jacob
Peter, John
Petersheim, Samuel
Philips, Michael
Phipps, Mary
Pierce, Gaines
Pinkerton, Henry
Platt, Franklin
Portner, Jacob
Potts, Thomas J.
Pownall, Catharine
Pownall, James H.
Price, Samuel H.
Prior, Henry
Proudfoot, William
Pusey, Jonathan
Pyne, Percy R.
Rambo, Hugh
Ramsay, William B.
Ranck, Henry A.
Ranck, John
Ranck, John W.
Rank, John
Rank, Samuel
Ream, Aaron
Ream, Polly
Reburn, William
Redcay, Elias
Reddig, Jacob
Reed, John K.
Reed, William
Reem, Jacob
Rees, Saucher
Reese, Isaacher
Rehm, Frederick
Rehm, Jacob
Rehm, John
Reiff, Abraham
Reigart, E. C.
Reigart, P.
Reist, Jacob
Reitzel, Henry
Resh, Henry
Rettew, Samuel
Reynolds, Patrick
Reynolds, Samuel H.
Rhoads, Charles J.
Rice, Samuel
Riddle, John
Righter, Washington
Rinehold, John
Ringle, Mathias
Ringwalt, Margaret
Roberts, A. E.
Roberts, T. L.
Robinson, John
Rogers, George
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, Maria
Rogers, Morris
Rohrer, B.
Rohrer, Daniel
Rohrer, Samuel
Rommel, Frederick
Ross, Charles
Row, David
Royer, David
Royer, John
Royer, Philip
Rudisill, Martin
Rudy, Adam
Rudy, Harriet
Rush, Henry
Rush, Jack
Rush, Martin
Russel, John
Rutter, Amos
Rutter, Isaac
Rutter, Leonard
Rutter, Samuel
Ryan, Robert J.
Saddler, C. C.
Sahm, Jacob
Sarber, Conrad
Sarber, John
Schaum, William
Scheaffer, John
Scheider, Fred
Scheidle, Jack
Schnader, Michael
Schnader, William
Schneder, Daniel
Schneider, Daniel
Schock, Joseph
Schoenberger, Edwin F.
Schreiner, Martin
Scott, Alice
Sebastian, Mary Jane
Seed, John
Seers, Jacob
Seers, Mrs. Jacob
Seibert, John A.
Seldomridge, Benjamin
Seltzer, Leonard
Seth, Elias Menno
Shaffner, Elizabeth
Shaffner, H.
Shaffner, Henry
Shallenberger, John
Shank, Alexander
Shank, Mary
Shanover, Catharine
Shanover, Joseph
Shaum, William
Sheaff, John A.
Sheaffer, Henry
Sheaffer, John
Sheaffer, Joseph
Shelar, Ann
Shelly, Daniel K.
Shenk, Christian
Sherbohn, Charles
Sherff, Henry
Shertz, David
Shertzer, Benjamin
Shields, John
Shill, George
Shill, Hannah
Shinabaugh, John
Shirk, Emanuel
Shirk, Henry
Shirk, Henry L.
Shirk, Henry S.
Shirk, Jack
Shload, John
Shoaver, Samuel
Shobar, E.
Shober, Emanuel
Shober, Emil
Shock, Abraham
Shoenberger, August
Shoenberger, Peter
Shoff, Jacob
Shreiner, H.
Shreiner, Harry
Shriver, Edward
Shriver, Elizabeth
Shroad, Ambrose
Shroder, Elizabeth
Shroder, Francis
Shroder, John F.
Shrood, Ambrose
Shultz, Christian, Jr.
Shute, Andrew
Simmons, Benjamin
Skiles, Charlotte M.
Slough, Hiram
Smith, David
Smith, John
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Mary
Smith, Peter
Smith, William
Smith, William R.
Smoker, Amos D.
Smoker, Amos N.
Smoker, Isaac
Snavely, Benjamin
Snyder, John
Spayd, Daniel D.
Spayd, Peter
Spinder, Samuel
Spindler, Samuel
Stacy, John
Stager, Henry
Stall, William C. G.
Stattler, Barbara
Stattler, Charles
Stauffer, Abraham
Stauffer, B. M.
Stauffer, Benjamin
Stauffer, Isaac
Stauffer, Peter
Steckly, Jacob
Steffy, Daniel
Steinhauser, Nicholas
Steinman, George M.
Steinman, John F.
Stevenson, E. L.
Stevenson, Elizabeth
Stevenson, George
Stevenson, Thomas
Stock, Jacob
Stoltzfoos, Samuel
Stoltzfus, Jonathan
Stone, David
Stone, John C.
Stoner, Christian
Stoner, David
Stoner, Elias K.
Strause, Joseph
Strickler, Matthew M.
Strohm, John
Styer, Adam Jr.
Styer, John
Summy, Levi
Suter, Lewis
Sutter, James L.
Swartz, Conrad
Swartz, Michael
Sweeny, Jacob
Taylor, David
Taylor, Samuel M.
Tegley, John
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Joseph
Thompson, Jesse
Tice, J. A. L.
Todd, Charles F.
Todd, Susan
Todd, William
Travis, Daniel
Travis, Sarah
Trego, James
Tristel, William
Umble, Christian
Urban, Joseph
Valentine, Charles S.
Vanslihe, Martin
Waddel, Robert
Wahl, Conrad
Walker, Isabel
Walters, Jacob
Warden, William L.
Watkins, John R.
Watson, John
Watson, Nathaniel
Watson, William
Watts, Anna Maria
Watts, Henry M.
Waylan, John
Weidler, Anne
Weidler, Henry
Weidler, John
Weidler, Reuben
Weidman, David
Welchans, Samuel
Welsh, David T
Wenger, Daniel
Wenger, Joel
Wenger, M.
Wentling, Charles
Wentling, David
Wentling, George
Wentling, George W.
Wesleman, Leopold
Whalen, James
White, James S.
White, Jonas
Whiteside, Abraham D.
Widmyer, Christian
Wilhelm, Henry
Wilkinson, F.
Wilkinson, S.
Will, Catharine
Willhaver, Peter
William Cowden
Williams, Charles B.
Williams, Edward C.
Wilson, David
Wilson, Francis
Wilson, John D.
Winenour, Frederick
Winters, Emanuel
Wisner, Jack
Wither, Catherine
Withers, Catharine
Witman, John
Witmer, A. K.
Witmer, A. L.
Witmer, A. R.
Witmer, Christian
Witmer, John R.
Witwer, David
Witwer, George
Witwer, Michael
Wolf, George
Wright, Archibald
Wright, John
Wright, Thomas F.
Yast, Christian
Young, Godleib
Young, Henry
Ziegler, Jacob
Zimmerman, Christ
Zimmerman, Jacob
Zook, John, Jr.
Zug, John Jr.
Business records
Legal documents
Receipts (Acknowledgments)
Search Terms
Bowers Company
Business records
Columbia Gas Company
Columbia Water Company
Conestoga Steam Mills
Farmers and Mechanics Insurance Company
Finding aids
Gabriel Bear and Company
Gap Mining Company
Haines and McCullough
Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mount Joy and Lancaster Railroad Company
Hoar, Umbel, and Hoar
Inland Insurance and Deposit Company
John Hack Co.
Lancaster County Bank
Lancaster Savings Institution
Lancaster Zinc Company
Lee and Bear
Legal documents
Manuscript groups
Marietta and Maytown Turnpike
Miller and Musser
Mount Joy Bank
Mount Joy Savings Inst.
Mulford Reeves and Company
Mylin and Lefevre
North Lebanon Railroad Company
Pennsylvania Railroad
S. and E. Burkholder
School District of East Cocalico Twp.
Walker and Brother
York Furnace Bridge Company
16 boxes, 127 folders, 7.5 cubic ft.
Object Name
Object ID
Location of Originals
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Preferred Citation: Title or description of item, date (day, month, year), Judge Henry G. Long Collection (MG0283), Box #, Folder #, LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Folders 1-120, gift of The Long Home, 19 January 2001. Folders 121-126, purchased from dealer, October 2013. Folder 127 purchased from The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., August 2014.
The items in Folders 121-126 were originally part of the collection at The Long Home, but were separated from the rest of the collection and purchased at auction by the dealer who sold them to LancasterHistory.
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Courtesy of LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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Custodial History
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Administrators Accounts
Administrators Accounts
Object ID
AdAcct 1882 F004 R
Date Range
Administrators Accounts
Administrators Accounts
System of Arrangement
Arranged alphabetically by year.
Date Range
Storage Location
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, PA
Storage Room
Archives West
Storage Container
Box 0326
Rehm, John
Rehm, Jacob
Documentary Artifact
Object Name
Statement, Financial
Object ID
AdAcct 1882 F004 R
Box Number
Additional Notes
Rehm, Jacob. Executor.
2 items, 3 pieces
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at Reference Desk; photocopy made by staff member.
RG 04-00 0150
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Administrators Accounts
Administrators Accounts
Object ID
AdAcct 1840 F005 G
Date Range
Administrators Accounts
Administrators Accounts
Date Range
Storage Location
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, PA
Storage Room
Archives West
Storage Container
Box 0118
Gertzler, Maximillian Fideli
Rehm, Jacob
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Administrators' accounts
Probate records
Object Name
Statement, Financial
Object ID
AdAcct 1840 F005 G
Box Number
Additional Notes
Rehm, Jacob. Administrator.
2 items, 3 pieces
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at Reference Desk; photocopy made by staff member.
RG 04-00 0150
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