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Frank R. Diffenderffer Collection
Frank R. Diffenderffer Collection
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County to the representatives in the General Assembly, asking for more schools. Many signatures. No date. Copy is accessible for research. Use of original document requires supervision. �230 North President Avenue • Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603-3125 717.392.4633 • Folder 21
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Frank R. Diffenderffer Collection
Frank R. Diffenderffer Collection
The Frank R. Diffenderffer Collection contains documents collected by Mr. Diffenderffer. These documents are primarily from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and include letters, legal and court papers, indentures, receipts, property and probate records, and financial and military papers. The people and businesses represented include George Ross, Jasper Yeates, A. Herr Smith, Timothy Matlack, Mount Hope Furnace, and the Lancaster, Elizabethtown & Middletown Turnpike Road Company.
System of Arrangement
Collection retains original arrangement.
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Diffenderffer, Frank Ried, 1833-1921
Storage Location
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, PA
Storage Room
Archives South
Storage Wall
Side 04
Adams, John Quincy
Adreas, Agnes
Albright, W.
Anderson, James
Andrews, Jacob W.
Andrews, James P.
Ashbridge, Elizabeth
Ashbridge, J. H.
Ashbridge, Sarah
Ashbridge, Sidney
Atlee, Samuel
Attlee, Samuel
Autstch, Adam
Bare, Martin
Barlow, Thomas
Barnitz, Joseph
Barr, John
Barton, David R.
Barton, W.
Bauer, Adam
Beams, Jacob
Beard, Robert
Bearn, John
Beck, Martha
Beck, Paul
Beck, Samuel
Bender, Leonard
Benezet, Daniel
Benner, Henrich
Berntheisel, Henry
Berry, William
Bickham, F. A.
Bickman, George
Bletz, Jacob
Blumer, Abraham
Bollinger, Esther
Bombarger, Martin
Bomberger, John
Bower, Samuel P.
Bowman, Henry
Bowman, J.
Bowman, Samuel
Bowman, W.
Boyd, James
Boyd, Samuel
Bradford, Samuel J.
Breck, Samuel
Bredenstein, Philip
Brown, David
Brown, Matthew
Brown, William
Broud, Bill
Bruener, G.
Bryan, George
Bryan, George I.
Burd, Edward
Burkholder, E.
Burt, Nathaniel
Caldwell, James
Caldwell, Oliver
Caldwell, Robert
Calhoun, John C.
Cameron, James
Cameron, John
Campbell, Sarah
Carpenter, Abraham
Carpenter, Daniel
Carpenter, Jacob
Carpenter, William
Cather, Robert
Chambers, Stephen
Chambers, W.
Charlton, Thomas
Clark, Brice
Clark, John
Clark, Washington
Clemson, Joseph
Cochran, A.
Cochran, William
Coleman, William
Connor, Kitty
Cookson, Thomas
Cooper, William
Creasy, Solomon
Creasy, Solomon M.
Crone, Robert
Cunningham, Hugh
Cunningham, Thomas
Damant, James
Damisch, Fred
Davis, Zaccheus
Deckert, Jacob
Dederick, Henry
Dering, Henry
Derward, Jonas
Detrick, P.
Dickert, Jacob
Dieterick, Jacob
Diffenderffer, David
Diffenderffer, Frank Ried
Diffenderffer, Harold F.
Diffenderfer, Michael
Diffenderfer, Philip
Diller, Peter
Doerses, Frederick
Dougherty, William
Douglass, George
Douglass, James
Doyle, Thomas
Dryer, Andrew
Dubbs, Joseph H.
Duck, Geotge
Duncan, Daniel
Eagen, James
Eagen, Thomas
Eberman, John
Eberman, Philip
Eckert, George
Eckman, John
Eftwein, Johannes
Eichholtz, H.
Eichholtz, Leonard
Eliot, Daniel
Emanuel, John
Ench, Jacob
Espy, George R.
Evans, Frances
Evans, Isaac
Evans, James C.
Evans, Samuel
Ewing, John
Faghterin, Mary
Fahnestock, Samuel
Fehl, Andrew
Feltman, George
Ferree, Conrad
Ferree, Polly
Fissel, Michael
Flowers, Christian
Foltz, Bernard
Fordney, Casper
Fouts, Martin
Franklin, Thomas
Franklin, Thomas E.
Franklin W. B.
Frantz, Phil
Frey, J.
Fultz, John
Galbraith, Bertram
Galloway, Joseph
Geddis, Samuel
Gibble, L. W.
Gibbons, William
Gildersleve, Jonathan H.
Gildersleve Sarah
Gill, Deborah
Gill, Eramus
Gill, James
Gill, Matthew
Givler, Mary
Golden, Jeffery
Graass, Jacob
Graeff, Matthias
Graeff, W.
Graff, Benjamin
Graff, Henry
Graff, Jacob
Gratz, Hyman
Groff, Abraham
Groff, David
Groff, Isaac
Gross, Michael
Grove, Abraham
Grubb, Baird
Grubb, Curtis
Grubb, Henry
Habacker, George
Habacker, Wager
Hartz, John
Hake, Elizabeth
Hake, Jacob
Hale, Charles
Hambright, Henry
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, William
Hand, Edward
Hart, Elizabeth
Hartand, John
Hartmyer, Frederick
Haton, James
Hatz, John
Hayn, Christopher
Hehl, Matthew
Henderson, Mary
Henry, Christopher
Henry, Elizabeth
Henry, Joseph
Henry, Josiah
Henry, John Joseph
Henry, Mary
Herr, Christian
Hensel, William Uhler
Hibshman, Henry
Hoff, John
Hoofnagle, P.
Hoover, Jacob
Host, Catharine
Host, Michael
Howell, William H.
Howell, William Wilson
Huber, J.
Huber, John
Hubley, Adam
Hubley, John
Hubley, Joseph
Hubley, M.
Hubner, Nathanael
Huston, Alex
Hutchinson, E.
Jacks, James
Jenkins, Ron
Johns, Elizabeth
Johns, Jacob
Johns, Paul
Johnston, Sam
Jones, John
Jones, Owen
Jones, Paul T.
Jordan, J.
Kauffman, Abraham
Kauffman, Joseph
Kehler, Andrew
Kelly, Joseph P.
Kelly, William
Kenedy, John
Kittera, John Wilkes
Kittera, Thomas
Kline, David
Kline, George
Kline, Michael
Kling, M.
Konigmaker, James
Krebil, John
Krieg, Philip
Krug, Edward
Krug, H. V.
Krug, Jacob
Krug, Valentine
Kuhn, Frederick
Kuhn, Jacob
Lanck, Jacob
Landes, John
Lauman, Ludwig
Lechler, John
Leman, H. E.
Lewis, Abraham
Lewis, Ellis
Liews, Eliza
Lightner, Nathaniel
Likens, James
Lind, John
Long, Charles E.
Long, Jacob
Longenecker, David
Lowery, Alexander
Lowery, Lazarus
Lowman, Ludwig
Lutz, Peter
Lynch, Thomas
MacGonigle, Jonathan T.
MacGregor, John
MacGregor, Peter
Machold, Lewis Frederick
Marshall, Christopher
Matlack, Timothy
Mattes, George
Mauer, Peter
Maus, Peter
Mayer, John
Mayer, Lewis
McGown, William
McClure, David
McClure, Randle
McKim, James
McKinney, Mordecai
Mease, James
Mease, John
Mercer, John Q.
Messersmith, George
Metzer, Jonas
Metzer, Norman
Miller, David
Miller, Harry
Miller, Henry
Miller, James
Miller, John
Miller, T. H.
Minnich, Lizzie
Mohler, Henry
Montgomery, Jane
Montgomery, S. H.
Moore, James
Moore, John
Musser, John
Myer, John
Myer, John P.
Myer, Josephine
Myers, Christian
Myers, Eckert
Myers, Henry
Myers, Jacob
Myers, John
Myers, Joseph
Myers, Josephine
Myers, S. H.
Myers, Sidney
Muhlenberg, F. A.
Muhlenberg, G. H. E.
Muhlenberg, Henry
Muhlenberg, Henry A.
Munster, Paul
Nager, Ben Willis
Nagle, John
Neal, John
Nees, Adam
Neisser, G. Br.
Nelson, William
Nicholson, John
Norgrave, H.
Odonel, Charles
Old, James
Parvin, Francis
Passmore, John
Patton, James
Pendleton, George H.
Pennypacker, Samuel W.
Penrose, Clement
Petersby, Richard
Physick, Edmund
Pine, Michael
Pohlman, Abraham
Price, Eli K.
Purviance, Samuel
Ralston, Robert
Ramsay, Catharine
Ramsay, David
Ramsay, James
Ramsay, Nathaniel
Ramsay, William
Randall, Samuel
Rank, Samuel
Redsecker, Jacob
Reed, E. L.
Reed, George
Reedly, George
Reedly, John
Reigart, Adam
Reigart, Emanuel
Reigart, Jacob
Riche, Thomas
Rieger, Ann
Rohrer, John
Ross, George
Ross, James
Roth, Jacob
Schaum, Philip
Scheaffer, John
Schnierer, John, Mrs.
Schweinhaupt, Br.
Sell, Henry
Seward, Hugh
Shafer, John
Shaffer, Jacob
Sharer, David
Shearer, Jacob
Sheef, William
Sheldon, William
Shippen, Edward
Shireman, Jacob
Shol, Peter
Shware, Peter
Simon, Joseph
Simon, William
Sindersmith, S. V.
Singer, Casper
Singer, Emanuel
Skiles, William
Slaugher, Hiram
Slaymaker, Amos
Slaymaker, Henry
Slough, Matthias
Smith, A. Herr
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Joanna
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William
Snapp, Samuel
Solomon, Myer
Spencer, S. S.
Sprecher, Frank L.
Stauffer, Henry
Stedman, Alex
Stedman, Charles
Steinert, Christian
Steinman, Charles
Steinman, Frederick
Steinman, George
Steinman, John F.
Stevens, R. S.
Stevenson, George
Stone, John
Stoneman, Tobias
Stones, John
Stuart, Robert
Swan, John G.
Swain, R.
Swentzel, H. Y.
Swift, Joseph
Tanger, David R.
Titball, Joseph
Trimble, James
Trissler, John
Trissler, Joseph David
Turner, Ambrose
Turner, Catharine
Wagen, Philip
Walk, Deetrick
Walker, John
Wallace, John
Wallace, William
Warden, M.
Warfel, John
Washington, Samuel
Watson, David
Webb, James
Weber, Adam
Wegman, Mary
Weitzel, George
Wenger, Roland
Werner, Jacob
Wertsburger, Henry
West, William
Wetherill, Samuel P.
White, George
White, T.
Whitaker, George
Wildred, Daniel
Williams, Evans P.
Williams, John
Wistar, Thomas
Witlow, Hugh
Witman, John
Witman, Michael
Witmer, Abraham
Witmer, Benjamin
Witmer, David
Witmer, Henry
Wolford, Ludwig
Wood, George
Work, Joseph
Wright, James
Wright, John
Wright, S. W.
Yaner, Jacob
Yeates, Jasper
Yeates, John
Young, Henry
Young, Mattias
Zahm, Godfrey
Zantzinger, Adam
Zantzinger, Ester
Zeigler, George
Zimmer, Henry
Business records
Court records
Finance, Personal
Minutes (Records)
Probate records
Receipts (Acknowledgments)
Search Terms
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Armor's Old Bookstore
Articles of agreement
Beaver Creek
Black Horse Farm
Business records
Charles E. Wentz and Bros.
Christ Lutheran Church
Cocalico Creek
Conestoga Steam Mills
Court records
Farmers Bank of Lancaster
Farmer's Hay and Straw Market Association
Finance, Personal
Finding aids
Franklin Savings and Building Association
Grosh and Levering
Hamilton Lots
Indian Queen Hotel
Lancaster Cemetery
Lancaster County Agricultural Park
Lancaster County Historical Society
Lancaster, Elizabethtown and Middletown Turnpike Company
Manuscript groups
McDowell's Mill
Mount Hope Furnace
Northern Central Railway Company
Pennsylvania Council
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company
Probate records
Protestant Episcopal Church
Sam Wetherill and Sons
Shaffner and Ziegler
St. James Episcopal Church
Steinman and Son
Trinity Lutheran Church
W. Kirkpatrick and Company
Zahm and Jackson Jewelers
1 box, 27 folders, 1 cubic ft.
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Location of Originals
LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Preferred Citation: Frank R. Diffenderfer Collection (MG0166), Folder #, LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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No restrictions.
Collection may not be photocopied. Please direct questions to Research Center Staff at
Permission for reproduction and/or publication must be obtained in writing from LancasterHistory.
Courtesy of LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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Custodial History
This collection was cataloged prior to 1997. Added to database 23 September 2021.
Accession # L64-13
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