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Bridge Records
Object ID
Bridge F0905 I011
Description Level
Bridge Records
Papers filed for construction and repair of bridges. The types of petitions presented to the Court of Quarter Sessions include: petitions for bridge construction and repair, petitions for inspections, and petitions for bridge funds. Other types of items include: specifications, proposals, and contracts for bridge construction and repair; bridge blueprints and plans; correspondence; bills for materials; and bridge condition reports. Many papers show date; court term and case number; names of petitioners, viewers, inspectors, and contractors; costs and fees; location of bridge; and name or number of bridge. The order and report of viewers documents are of particular interest as they usually include a copy of the original petition; the order and names of viewers to inspect the site; the public announcement for the viewers meeting; the report and recommendation of viewers, often with a drawing of the site and surrounding area; and the court decision.
System of Arrangement
Records are arranged by township, then chronologically within each township.
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Bridge, Engleside
Bridge, Eshleman's Mill
Bridge, Old Factory
Bridge, Spruce Grove
Bridge, White Rock
Burnt Mill, Pequea Twp.
Chester County
Chickies Creek
Cocalico Creek
Colerain Twp.
Conestoga Creek
Conestoga Twp.
Creek, Chickies
Creek, Cocalico
Creek, Conestoga
Creek, Little Conestoga
Creek, Mill
Creek, Octoraro, East Branch
Creek, Octoraro, West Branch
Creek, Pequea
East Earl Twp.
East Lampeter Twp.
Electric Company
Engleside Bridge
Engleside, Lancaster Twp.
Ephrata Twp.
Eshleman's Mill Bridge
Harristown, Paradise Twp.
Lancaster Twp.
Leacock Twp.
Little Britain Twp.
Little Conestoga Creek
Long's Park
Manheim Twp.
Manor Twp.
Martic Twp.
Marticville, Martic Twp.
Martin's Mill
Mill Creek
Mill, Eshleman's
Mill, Martin's
Mill, Shertz's
Moore's Electric LIght Plant
Newtown, Rapho Twp.
Octoraro Creek, East Branch
Octoraro Creek, West Branch
Old Factory Bridge
Old Philadelphia Road
Paradise Twp.
Pequea Creek
Pequea Twp.
Rapho Twp.
Road, Old Philadelphia
Rock Hill, Conestoga Twp.
Rocky Springs Park
Sadsbury Twp.
Salunga, West Hempfield Twp.
Shertz's Mill
Smoketown, East Lampeter Twp.
Spruce Grove Bridge
Spruce Grove, Little Britain Twp.
Steeleville, Sadsbury Twp.
Upper Leacock Twp.
Wabank, Lancaster Twp.
West Hempfield Twp.
West Lampeter Twp.
White Rock Bridge
White Rock, Little Britain Twp.
Object Name
Object ID
Bridge F0905 I011
RG 02-00 0324
Box Number
Additional Notes
Document type: Report of recommended bridges to be replaced.
1. Pequea No. 4
[Leacock Twp. and Paradise Twp.]
Location: Over Pequea Creek at Shertz's Mill, near Harristown, Paradise Twp.
2. Conestoga No. 4
[East Earl Twp.]
Location: Over Conestoga Creek at Martin's Mill.
3. Mill Creek No. 2
[East Lampeter Twp.]
Location: Over Mill Creek at east end of Smoketown, East Lampeter Twp., on old Philadelphia Road.
4. Bridge over East Branch of Octoraro Creek
Sadsbury Twp. and Chester County
Location: At Steeleville, Sadsbury Twp.
5. Big Chickies No. 7.5
[Rapho Twp. and West Hempfield Twp.]
Location: Over Chickies Creek at Moore's old Electric LIght Plant, on road between Salunga, West Hempfield Twp. and Newtown, Rapho Twp.
6. Big Chickies No. 8
Location: Over Chickies Creek.
7. Bridge over [Conestoga Creek]
[Conestoga Twp. and Manor Twp.]
Location: At Rock Hill, Conestoga Twp.
8. Engleside Bridge
[Lancaster Twp. and West Lampeter Twp.]
Location: At Engleside, Lancaster Twp., over Conestoga Creek.
9. Mill Creek No. 6, also known as Eshleman's Mill Bridge
[West Lampeter Twp.]
Location: Over Mill Creek.
10. Conestoga No. 14
[Manheim Twp. and Upper Leacock Twp.]
Location: Over Conestoga Creek.
11. Pequea No. 18
[Martic Twp. and Pequea Twp.]
Location: Over Pequea Creek at Burnt Mill, Pequea Twp., near Marticville, Martic Twp.
12. Bridge [over Conestoga Creek]
[Lancaster Twp. and Pequea Twp.]
Location: At Wabank, Lancaster Twp.
13. Old Factory Bridge
[Lancaster City and West Lampeter Twp.]
Location: Over [Conestoga Creek] near Rocky Springs Park.
14. Cocalico No. 3
[Ephrata Twp.]
Location: Over Cocalico Creek, near Ephrata.
15. White Rock Bridge
[Colerain Twp. and Little Britain Twp.]
Location: Over West Branch of Octoraro Creek at White Rock, Little Britain Twp.
16. Spruce Grove Bridge
Location: Over West Branch of Octoraro Creek at Spruce Grove, Little Britain Twp.
17. Bridge No. 1
[Manheim Twp.]
Location : Over Little Conestoga Creek near Long's Park.
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Request at Reference Desk; photocopy made by staff member.
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