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Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Object ID
CommOrder 1826 #501
Description Level
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
This record group contains canceled orders that were issued by the county commissioners for payment to be made by the county treasurer. The orders show date, order number, amount, name of payee, purpose, and signatures of the county commissioners. In the case of "poor children," teachers were reimbursed by the county for tuition and/or the supplies purchased for students whose parents were unable to pay. Orders include: Poor Children, Almshouse, Bridges, Coroners' Inquests, Prisons, Roads, Court House, and Tax Exonerations.
System of Arrangement
The record group is organized chronologically, then arranged by order number within each year.
Date of Accumulation
County Commissioners
Aaron, Elizabeth
Aaron, Joseph
Acks, John
Allen, Margaret
Anderson, Jesse
Anderson, John
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Pomfrey
Barter, George
Bartle, Elizabeth
Bartle, John
Basley, William
Beamist, Richard
Biddle, Benjamin
Black, Ephraim
Blackburn, John
Bosly, William
Bower, Philip
Bradley, Bridget
Bradley, Dennis
Branam, Thomas
Brown, James
Brown, Thomas
Bruigle, Elizabeth
Buck, Reed
Buckley, William
Buckram, James
Buckram, WIlliam
Buth, Matty
Calhoun, Jane
Calhoun, William
Caron, Peter
Christy, Sally
Clare, Richard
Clark, Thomas
Collins, Andrew
Collins, Mary Jane
Collins, William
Coyle, Peggy
Crazy Nancy
Crow, Carroll
Crowls, Chester
Cunningham, Michael J.
Dark, Darby
Davis, Aaron
Davis, Alexander
Deitz, George
Denlinger, Joseph
Devenport, Charles
Dillon, George S.
Steele, Aaron
Duncan, Melry
Dunlap, John
Eggington, Catharine
Eggington, Daniel
Elvis, Hannah
Elvis, Samuel
Fenstermacher, Philip
Flanegan, John
Foltz, Peter
Forbes, Juliana
Forrester, Archibald
Fowler, Peter
Fryburg, Clifford
Fultz, Eve
Gardner, George W.
Getz, David
Gibson, Thomas A.
Glascow, Christiana
Groff, Arthur
Guestford, Eliza
Hambright, William
Hare, John
Harkins, Ellen
Harkins, Nelly
Harris, Eliza Ann
Hart, James
Hawkins, Nelly
Hayes, Stacy B.
Hickman, Sally
Hilsher, Eliza
Irwin, Henry
Jackson, John
Jeffries, Mary
Johnson, Bernard
Johnson, Ellen
Kane, Bernard
Kaufman, Andrew
Kermes, Robert
King, Conrad
King, John
King, Peter
Lawler, John
Lee, Benedict
Leman, Jacob
Lewis, Caleb
Lick, Susan
Lightner, Nathaniel
Lock, Susan
Lonque, Philip
Lorentz, Mary
Ludwick, Adam
Lynch, Biddy
Lynch, Elenor
Malson, Biddy
Malson, Ephraim
Marshall, John
Martin, Maria
Mathews, Samuel
McCabe, Pat
McElean, Biddy
McGirt, John
McKittrick, Nancy
McLane, Benjamin
McLane, Mary Ann
McLear, Patrick
Merkle, Jacob
Merkle, Jane
Milford, John
Miller, James
Moren, David
Morgan, Thomas
Morrison, Michael
Moyer, Jacob
Moyer, Peggy
Murter, Mary
Myer, Frederick
Myers, Henry
Nasson, Michael
Neff, _____
Nixdorf, Henry
Nixon, George
Orbison, Alexander
Ortz, Catharine
Parker, Joseph
Pile, Henry
Prise, John
Prise, Nancy
Raltuff, Lidia
Roberts, Richard
Robinson, Mary
Selbert, George
Sewling, Martha
Shaeffer, Daniel
Shaeffer, Jacob
Shoolenberg, Henry A.
Sidney, Moses
Smith, Anna
Smith, Arnold
Smith, Charles
Smith, George
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Sophia
Stamp, James
Steward, John
Stoner, John
Telgenson, Henry
Tully, James
Tully, Margaret
Turner, Joseph
Vandergroft, John
Watts, Jane
White, Hobert
Wiess, Jacob
Williams, John
Williamson, Hugh
Wise, Catharine
Yerlets, Peter
Documentary Artifact
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Commissioners' Orders for Payment
70 boxes (35 cubic ft.)
Object Name
Condition Date
Object ID
CommOrder 1826 #501
RG 08-01 0510
Box Number
Never entered into Q & A.
Additional Notes
Mayor's Court.
Payment for fees to the mayor and constables in arresting and desposing of vagrants and idle and disorderly persons.
Lightner, Nathaniel. Mayor.
Selbert, George.
Flanegan, John.
Brown, Thomas.
King, Peter.
Shoolenberg, Henry A.
Lock, Susan.
Bradley, Bridget.
Williamson, Hugh.
Elvis, Samuel.
Elvis, Hannah.
Lynch, Elenor.
Malson, Ephraim.
Malson, Biddy.
Biddle, Benjamin.
Nixdorf, Henry.
Anderson, Jesse.
Crowls, Chester.
Prise, John.
Prise, Nancy.
Milford, John.
Bartle, Elizabeth.
Clark, Thomas.
Bartle, John.
Guestford, Eliza.
Lawler, John.
Smith, Arnold.
Fultz, Eve.
Denlinger, Joseph.
Watts, Jane.
Collins, William.
Fryburg, Clifford.
Hart, James.
Harris, Eliza Ann.
Raltuff, Lidia.
Clare, Richard.
Kermes, Robert.
Hilsher, Eliza.
Jeffries, Mary.
Duncan, Melry.
Hare, John.
Lewis, Caleb.
Hambright, William.
Foltz, Peter.
Hayes, Stacy B.
Bruigle, Elizabeth.
DSteele, Aaron.
Acks, John.
Smith, Sophia.
Caron, Peter.
Jackson, John.
Johnson, Ellen.
Orbison, Alexander.
Collins, Mary Jane.
Anderson, Pomfry.
Dark, Darby.
Glascow, Christiana.
Black, Ephraim.
Davis, Alexander.
Aaron, Joseph.
McKittrick, Nancy.
McCleery, Biddy.
King, John.
Cunningham, Michael J.
Brown, James.
Telgenson, Henry.
Lonque, Philip.
King, Conrad.
McGirt, John.
Miller, James.
McLear, Patrick.
Dunlap, John.
Johnson, Bernard.
Getz, David.
Crow, Carroll.
Fowler, Peter.
Lorentz, Mary.
Anderson, Pomfrey; Anderson, Nancy; Anderson, John and three children brought as vagrants on complaints of neighbors--examined and ordered to the Poor House.
Robinson, Mary.
Smith, George.
Moren, David.
Blackburn, John.
McLane, Benjamin.
McLane, Mary Ann.
Mathews, Samuel.
Martin, Maria.
Collins, Andrew.
Merkle, Jacob.
Buck, Reed.
Deitz, George.
Christy, Sally.
Buth, Matty.
Kane, Bernard.
Barter, George.
Calhoun, Jane.
Calhoun, William.
Turner, Joseph.
Stoner, John.
Leman, Jacob.
Harkins, Ellen.
Bradley, Dennis.
Kaufman, Andrew.
Merkle, Jane.
Wise, Catharine.
Aaron, Elizabeth.
Gardner, George W.
Sidney, Moses.
Ludwick, Adam.
Marshall, John.
Roberts, Richard.
Bosly, William.
Steward, John.
Irwin, Henry.
Moyer, Jacob.
Moyer, Peggy.
Sewling, Martha.
Beamist, Richard.
Williams, John.
Davis, Aaron.
Myer, Frederick.
Nasson, Michael.
Ortz, Catharine.
Neff, _____.
Vandergroft, John.
Pile, Henry.
Smith, Nancy.
Lynch, Biddy.
Tully, Margaret.
Wiess, Jacob.
Tully, James.
Buckram, James.
Fenstermacher, Philip.
An unnamed man. "Deaf and dumb."
Lick, Susan.
Eggington, Daniel.
Eggington, Catharine.
Smith, Anna.
Groff, Arthur.
Crazy Nancy. Ordered to Poor House.
Smith, Charles.
Stamp, James.
Forbes, Juliana.
Allen, Margaret.
Devenport, Charles.
Hawkins, Nelly.
Coyle, Peggy.
McElean, Biddy.
Hawkins, Nelly (the younger).
Stamp, James.
Morgan, Thomas.
McCabe, Pat.
Bower, Philip.
Branam, Thomas.
White, Hobert.
Parker, Joseph.
Lee, Benedict.
Buckley, William.
Murter, MAry.
Gibson, Thomas A.
Harkins, Nelly.
Harkins, Nelly Jr.
Branum, Thomas.
Forrester, Archibald.
Yerlets, Peter.
Shaeffer, Daniel.
Buckram, WIlliam.
Hickman, Sally.
Nixon, George.
Dillon, George S.
Myers, Henry.
Shaeffer, Jacob.
Morrison, Michael.
Basly, William.
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