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Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Object ID
CommOrder 1824 #262
Description Level
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
This record group contains canceled orders that were issued by the county commissioners for payment to be made by the county treasurer. The orders show date, order number, amount, name of payee, purpose, and signatures of the county commissioners. In the case of "poor children," teachers were reimbursed by the county for tuition and/or the supplies purchased for students whose parents were unable to pay. Orders include: Poor Children, Almshouse, Bridges, Coroners' Inquests, Prisons, Roads, Court House, and Tax Exonerations.
System of Arrangement
The record group is organized chronologically, then arranged by order number within each year.
Date of Accumulation
County Commissioners
Ackeson, Fred
Adams, Thomas
Allford, William
Anderson, Francis
Backenstose, William
Bench, Maria
Bendine, Isaac
Beylon, Charles
Bogle, George
Bombarger, John
Boyer, Samuel
Boyle, John F.
Brady, David
Bresland, John
Bryon, John
Burns, Christian
Bush, John
Callyhan, Edward
Camel, Richard
Carey, Patrick
Carter, Thomas
Chambers, John
Charles, John
Clasco, Christian
Clendenin, William
Clenninin, William
Cliggen, Thomas
Clinging, Thomas
Clymer, Isaac
Cobalt, Benjamin
Collen, Jane
Connelly, Hugh
Conner, Samuel
Cousons, Jane
Cowen, Jane
Cumont, Cranton
Davy, Henry
Debler, Francis
Deblin, Lewis
Debode, Maria
Debolt, Mary
Deeds, Margaret
Delgato, Godfried
Denlinger, Joseph
Doebler, Joseph
Doersh, Fred
Dunkle, Samuel
Eavans, John
Eckenroth, Richard
Erisman, Abraham
Felly, John
Fisher, William
Flinn, James
Flood, Thomas
Foltz, Soloman
Foultz, Solome
George, Jennet
Getz, Daniel
Gill, Charles
Gillmore, Isaac
Gilmore, Isaac
Glasgo, Abraham
Glasgow, Edward
Goenecht, Peter
Gorrecht, Peter
Green, Charles
Green, Sophia
Groof, George
Groof, Sharlott
Guest, Charles
Guteling, John P.
Harding, Mary
Harrison, Thomas
Heanbright, John
Heinitsh, August
Helena, Catharine
Henry, John
Henry, Michael
Hepkin, Calep
Herbst, Peter
Hibner, Jacob
Hickman, Sarah
Hoggary, John
Horte, Jacob
Housen, Abraham
Hyde, Nicholas
Jackson, Richard
Jennet, George
Johnson, Thomas
Jones, Henry
Jones, Hetty
Jones, Hugh
Kelly, Edward
Kendick, Michael
Kerns, Robert
Kirk, Willliam
Kline, David
Lampkin, Susana
Lechler, Jacob
Lee, Hector
Leet, Adam
Lenting, Robert
Lynch, Hannah
Lynch, WIlliam
Malson, Biddy
Malson, Ephraim
Manly, Joseph
Marele, John
Margaret Deeds
Marshall, William
Martin, James
Matinger, Charles
McClain, Benjamin
McClane, Hugh
McCram, Jane
McGinnis, William
McGran, Jane
McGuiness, William
McKilpatrick, James
McKittrick, Nancy
McLain, Benjamin
McLain, _____ Mrs.
Milford, John
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Miller, Mary
Mishon, Patrick
Morrison, Sarah
Mortar, George
Musser, Samuel
Neal, David
O'Donnel, John
Page, Robert
Pike, Hugh
Porter, Mathias
Quickle, John
Rhea, Andrew
Rodgers, James
Rupp, Fanny
Samuel, Shroat
Scott, Samuel
Sensenich, Jesse
Sensenich, Joseph
Shaeffer, Abraham
Shaeffer, Elizabeth
Shirk, Jacob
Simmons, John
Sinister, Garnet
Sinister, Garret
Smith, H.L.
Smith, Jane
Snevely, James
Spode, John
Stone, David
Taylor, John A.
Thompson, John
Time, Patience
Tolly, James
Tolly, Margaret
Tully, James
Waltz, Valentine
Washington, George
Watt, Jane
Weaver, John
Weiss, Catharina
Willams, George
Williams, Hannah
Williams, Jeremiah
Williams, Richard
Documentary Artifact
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Commissioners' Orders for Payment
70 boxes (35 cubic ft.)
Object Name
Condition Date
Object ID
CommOrder 1824 #262
RG 08-01 0510
Box Number
Never entered into Q & A.
Additional Notes
Key fees and maintenance of prisoners from 1 April to 1 July 1824.
Heinitsh, August. Jailer.
Prisoners named:
Rodgers, James.
Jackson, Richard.
Jones, Hettuy.
Boyle, John F.
Willams, George.
Williams, Jeremiah.
Green, Charles.
Green, Sophia.
Smith, H.L.
Snevely, James.
Eavans, John.
Scott, Samuel.
Glasgo, Abraham.
Deeds, Margaret.
Simmons, John.
Marshall, William.
Denlinger, Joseph.
Malson, Ephraim.
Malson, Biddy.
Lynch, Hannah.
Deblin, Lewis.
Kirk, Willliam.
Camel, Richard.
Morrison, Sarah.
Martin, James.
Miller, Mary.
Harding, Mary.
Cowen, Jane.
Debolt, Mary.
George, Jennet or Jennet, George.
Sensenich, Joseph.
Cobalt, Benjamin.
Charles, John.
Groof, George.
Groof, Sharlott.
Cumont, Cranton.
Clasco, Christian and son.
Bench, Maria.
Miller, John.
Mishon, Patrick.
Kerns, Robert.
Delgato, Godfried.
Getz, Daniel.
McLain, Benjamin and wife.
McLain, _____ Mrs. Wife of Benjamin McLain.
Burns, Christian.
Weaver, John.
Bresland, John.
Williams, Hannah.
Quickle, John.
Hoggary, John.
Allford, William.
Gill, Charles.
Beylon, Charles.
Boyer, Samuel.
Shirk, Jacob.
Shaeffer, Abraham.
Shaeffer, Elizabeth.
Kline, David.
Sinister, Garnet.
Anderson, Francis.
Neal, David.
Washington, George.
Conner, Samuel.
Ackeson, Fred.
Felly, John.
Carey, Patrick.
Housen, Abraham.
Samuel, Shroat.
Horte, Jacob.
Kendick, Michael.
Matinger, Charles.
Spode, John.
McClain, Benjamin.
Fisher, William.
Backenstose, William.
O'Donnel, John.
Brady, David.
Lynch, WIlliam.
Sinister, Garret.
Chambers, John.
Jones, Hugh.
Miller, Jacob.
Doersh, Fred.
Lampkin, Susana.
Rupp, Fanny.
Cliggen, Thomas.
Harrison, Thomas.
Henry, Michael.
Guest, Charles.
Hibner, Jacob.
Lee, Hector.
Carter, Thomas.
Goenecht, Peter.
Heanbright, John.
Bendine, Isaac.
Hepkin, Calep.
Gorrecht, Peter.
Hyde, Nicholas.
Tolly, Margaret.
Clendenin, William.
Sensenich, Jesse.
Porter, Mathias.
Clinging, Thomas.
Lenting, Robert.
Connelly, Hugh.
Rhea, Andrew.
Bogle, George.
Doebler, Joseph.
Flood, Thomas.
Tolly, James.
Herbst, Peter.
McKilpatrick, James.
Milford, John.
Leet, Adam.
Stone, David.
McCram, Jane.
Williams, Richard.
Pike, Hugh.
Thompson, John.
Cousons, Jane.
Collen, Jane.
Helena, Catharine.
Page, Robert.
Marele, John.
Watt, Jane.
Musser, Samuel.
Dunkle, Samuel.
Guteling, John P.
Callyhan, Edward.
Clymer, Isaac.
Debler, Francis.
Weiss, Catharina.
Hickman, Sarah.
McGran, Jane.
Mortar, George.
McKittrick, Nancy.
Flinn, James.
Foltz, Soloman.
Johnson, Thomas.
McGuiness, William.
McGinnis, William.
Time, Patience.
Erisman, Abraham.
Davy, Henry.
Kelly, Edward.
Eckenroth, Richard.
Manly, Joseph.
Taylor, John A.
Adams, Thomas.
Goods/services purchased from:
Gilmore, Isaac. Cleaning chimneys.
Bryon, John. Muslin.
Bombarger, John. Brooms.
Lechler, Jacob. Sand.
Waltz, Valentine. Repairs to wall.
Smith, Jane. Brooms.
Gillmore, Isaac. Cleaning chimney.
McClane, Hugh. Bucket.
Bush, John. Mending a saw.
Coffee and tea Hickman, S. Prisoner.
[Supe] twist for Debode, Maria. Prisoner.
Coffee and Tea for Glasgow, Edward. Prisoner.
Coffee, tea and soup for Marshall, WIlliam. Prisoner.
Coffee and tea for Margaret Deeds. Prisoner.
Tea and coffee for Jones, Henry. Prisoner.
Poultices for Clenninin, William. Prisoner.
Milk for poultice for Tully, James. Prisoner.
Poultice for Foultz, Solome. Prisoner.
1 item. 2 pieces.
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