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Constables' and Detectives' Bonds
Object ID
Constable F055 I009
Description Level
Constables' and Detectives' Bonds
Bonds posted by constables, showing names of constable and surety; date and amount of bond; conditions of obligation; signatures of constable, surety, and witnesses; and date filed. Arr. chron. by date filed. No index. Hdw. and typed on ptd. fm.
Admin/Biographical History
The County of Lancaster has given custodial responsibility of this collection.
System of Arrangement
Arranged by year; alphabetical by surname with in year.
Constables' Bonds: 1809, 1811, 1825, 1826, 1829, 1830-1849, 1875, 1888, 1893-1924.
Detectives' Bonds: 1890-1896, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1927
Includes: Remonstrations, affirmations, petitions, bonds, receipts, notices.
Creation Date
1809-1927, inc.
Date of Accumulation
1809-1927, inc.
Clerk of Courts of Lancaster County
Hart, Peter
Klein, William H.
Miller, Cyrus S.
Search Terms
Constables' Bonds
Detectives' Bonds
4 boxes, 2 cu. ft.
Object Name
Bond, Legal
Object ID
Constable F055 I009
RG 02-00 0558
Archives West 1
Box Number
Additional Notes
Additional names: Cyrus S. Miller and Peter Hart.
1 item, 1 piece
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at Reference Desk; photocopy or PDF made by staff member.
Less detail
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Object ID
CommOrder 1826 #668
Description Level
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
This record group contains canceled orders that were issued by the county commissioners for payment to be made by the county treasurer. The orders show date, order number, amount, name of payee, purpose, and signatures of the county commissioners. In the case of "poor children," teachers were reimbursed by the county for tuition and/or the supplies purchased for students whose parents were unable to pay. Orders include: Poor Children, Almshouse, Bridges, Coroners' Inquests, Prisons, Roads, Court House, and Tax Exonerations.
System of Arrangement
The record group is organized chronologically, then arranged by order number within each year.
Date of Accumulation
County Commissioners
Ammens, James
Ammens, William
Ammens, Mrs.
Bachman, Alice
Baxter, David
Baxter, Levi D.
Bealler, Catharine
Bealler, Lydia
Bealler, Mrs.
Beck, Cyrus
Beck, Emanuel
Beck, Jacob
Bowman, Jacob
Bowman, Susanah
Bowman, Mrs.
Brubacker, Catharine
Brubacker, Elizabeth
Brubacker, Philip
Cafferty, Charlotte
Cafferty, John
Cafferty, William
Cammeron, Emanuel
Campble, Charles
Campble, Polly
Campble, Rebeca
Campble, Susana
Carpenter, Benjamin
Carpenter, Elizabeth
Carpenter, Gabriel
Carpenter, Henry
Chambers, Sarah
Cox, Charles
Davidson, Catharine
Davidson, Fanny
Davidson, Isaac
Davis, George
Davis, Rebeca
Diffenderfer, Margaret
Dissinger, Elizabeth
Duck, Elizabeth
Duck, Emanuel
Duck, Philip
Duck, Polly
Eagens, Eliza
Fair, Catharine
Fair, George
Fair, Isaac
Ferril, John
Fetter, Catharine
Fetter, Mrs.
Foltz, George
Foltz, John
Frazer, Margaret
Frazer, Peter
Frazer, Susan
Fremd, George
Fremd, Jacob
Gehr, Catharine
Gehr, Showers George
Gibbons, Catharine
Grismore, Esther
Grismore, Rechel
Grubb, Elizabeth
Grubb, George
Grubb, Henrietta
Hart, Conrad
Hart, John
Hart, Peter
Hart, Polly
Heiser, Mary
Hertz, Conrad
Hertz, Peter
Hildebrand, Adam
Hildebrand, Mary
Hildebrand, Sarah
Houck, Andrew
Houck, Hannah
Hummel, Jesse
Hummel, John
Hummel, Susannah
Jones, James
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Rebecca
Koch, Catharine
Koch, George
Kurtz, Christian
Kurtz, William
Maffet, John
Maffet, Thomas
Marshel, William
McCollum, Mary
McGlinchy, Catharine
McGlinchy, James
McGlinchy, William
McIlroy, Daniel
McIlroy, Elizabeth
McIlroy, George W.
McIlroy, James
McIlroy, William Jackson
McMullen, Margaret
McMullen, Peter
Mecallacher, Jane
Miller, Samuel
Mills, John
Mull, Eve
Mull, Samuel
Myer, Catharine
Myer, Michael
Oliver, John
Osman, Leonard
Osman, Mary
Peters, Samuel
Peters, John
Peters, Michael
Platt, Elizabeth
Platt, Mary
Proudfoot, Elizabeth
Proutfoot, Levy
Proutfoot, Robert
Quin, Rachel
Ranck, Michael
Ranck, Valentine
Ranck, William
Reifsneider, Andrew
Reifsneider, William
Rice, John
Rice, Mary
Rittenhouse, Polly
Road, Rechel
Romberger, Ferus
Romberger, John
Ruder, Abraham
Ruder, Amos
Ruder, Matilla
Sandoe, Mary
Saul, Hannah
Shaw, Levy
Sheaffer, Ann
Sheaffer, Jacob
Sheaffer, John
Sheaffer, Joseph
Sheaffer, Leah
Sheaffer, Maryann
Sheaffer, Nathanel F.
Stealy, Elizabeth
Stephy, Casper
Stephy, John
Stephy, Mary
Sweigart, Dorothy
Sweigert, Christen
Thompson, Maryann
Tounsly, Robert
Tuff, Rebeca
Wade, Adam
Wade, John
Wade, Robert
Wade, Sarah
Wade, Mrs.
Wallace, Lily Ann
Wallace, Margaret
Weaver, Christian
Weyenmyer, Joseph
Weyenmyer, William
Wommert, Jacob
Wommert, John
Young, William
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Earl Twp.
Poor children
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Earl Twp.
70 boxes (35 cubic ft.)
Object Name
Condition Date
Object ID
CommOrder 1826 #668
RG 08-01 0510
Box Number
Entered into Q & A Mar 5, 1996.
Additional Notes
Poor children.
Ammens, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Ammens, James, age 7; Ammens, William, age 9.
Bachman, Alice. Mother of Eagens, Eliza, age 7.
Baxter, David. Father of Baxter, Levi D., age 9.
Bealler, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Bealler, Catharine, age 9; Bealler, Lydia, age 13.
Beck, Jacob. Father of Beck, Cyrus, age 8; Beck, Emanuel, age 7.
Bowman, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Bowman, Jacob, age 11; Bowman, Susanah, age 7.
Brubacker, Elizabeth. Widow. Mother of Brubacker, Catharine, age 8; Brubacker, Philip, age 9.
Cafferty, William. Father of Cafferty, Charlotte, age 10; Cafferty, John, age 7.
Hildebrand, Mary. Mother of Cammeron, Emanuel, age 10.
Campble, Rebeca. Mother of Campble, Charles, age 9. Saul, Hannah. Mother of Campble, Polly, age 9.
Carpenter, Henry. Father of Carpenter, Benjamin, age 12; Carpenter, Elizabeth, age 8.
Dissinger, Elizabeth. Mother of Carpenter, Gabriel, age 11.
Heiser, Mary. Mother of Chambers, Sarah, age 8.
Cox, Charles. Stepfather of Weaver, Christian, age 7; Ranck, Valentine, age 11.
Davidson, Catharine. Mother of Davidson, Fanny, age 10; Davidson, Isaac, age 10.
Davis, George. Father of Davis, Rebeca, age 8.
Diffenderfer, Margaret. Mother of Diffenderfer, Margaret, age 11.
Duck, Elizabeth. Mother of Oliver, John, age 11.
Duck, Philip. Father of Duck, Emanuel, age 13; Duck, Polly, age 9.
Fair, George. Father of Fair, Catharine, age 13; Fair, Isaac, age 9.
Mecallacher, Jame. Mother of Ferril, John, age 9.
Fetter, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Fetter, Catharine, age 9.
Foltz, John. Father of Foltz, George, age 11.
Frazer, Peter. Father of Frazer, Margaret, age 8; Frazer, Susan, age 6.
Fremd, George. Father of Fremd, Jacob, age 9.
Gehr, Catharine. Widow. Mother of Gehr, Showers George, age 9.
Gibbons, Catharine. Mother of Thompson, Maryann, age 9.
Grismore, Rechel. Widow. Mother of Grismore, Esther, age 6.
Grubb, George. Father of Grubb, Elizabeth, age 9; Grubb, Henrietta, age 8.
Hart, Conrad. Father of Hertz, Peter, age 12.
Hertz, Conrad. Father of Hertz, Peter, age12.
Hart, Conrad. Father of Hart, Peter, age 12.
Hart, John. Father of Hart, John, age 13; Hart, Polly, age 7.
Hildebrand, Adam. Father of Hildebrand, Sarah, age 10.
Houck, Andrew. Father of Houck, Andrew, age 10; Houck, Hannah, age 13.
Hummel, John. Father of Hummel, Jesse, age 10; Hummel, Susannah, age 11.
Jones, James. Father of Jones, Margaret, age 11; Jones, Rebecca, age 8.
Koch, George. Father of Koch, Catharine, age 9.
Kurtz, Christian. Father of Kurtz, William, age 11.
Maffet, John. Father of Maffet, John, age 12; Maffet, Thomas, age 10.
Marshel, William. Father of Marshel, William, age 13.
McCollum, Mary. Mother of Platt, Elizabeth, age 10.
McGlinchy, James. Father of McGlinchy, Catharine, age 9; McGlinchy, William, age 12.
McIlroy, Daniel. Father of McIlroy, George W., age 7; McIlroy, William Jackson, age 10.
McIlroy, James. Father of McIlroy, Elizabeth, age 7.
McMullen, Peter. Father of McMullen, Margaret, age 11; McMullen, Peter, age 9.
Mecallacher, Jane. Mother of Ferril, John, age 9.
Miller, Samuel. Father of Miller, Samuel, age 10.
Rittenhouse, Polly. Mother of Mills, John, age 11.
Mull, Eve. Mother of Mull, Samuel, age, 9.
Myer, Michael. Father of Myer, Catharine, age 11; Myer, Michael, age 9.
Osman, Leonard. Father of Osman, Mary, age 7.
Peters, Michael. Father of Peters, John, age 9; Peters Samuel, age 10.
McCollum, Mary. Mother of Platt, Mary, age 10.
Proutfoot, Robert. Father of Proudfoot, Elizabeth, age 10; Proutfoot, Levy, age 8.
Campble, Susana. Mother of Quin, Rachel, age 8.
Ranck, Michael. Father of Ranck, William, age 10.
Road, Rechel. Mother of Shaw, Levy, age 7.
Reifsneider, Andrew. Father of Reifsneider, William, age 9.
Rice, John. Father of Rice, Mary, age 8.
Romberger, John. Father oif Romberger, Ferus, age 11.
Ruder, Abraham. Father of Ruder, Matilla, age 8; Ruder, Amos, age 7.
Sandoe, Mary. Mother of Sandoe, Mary, age 12.
Sheaffer, Joseph. Father of Sheaffer, Ann, age 11.
Sheaffer, Jacob. Father of Sheaffer, Nathanel F., age 9; Sheaffer, Maryann, age 8.
Sheaffer, Jacob. Father of Sheaffer, Leah, age 12.
Stealy, Elizabeth. Mother of Sheaffer, John, age 10.
Stephy, Casper. Father of Stephy, John, age 13; Stephy, Mary, age 10.
Sweigert, Christen. Parent of Sweigart, Dorothy, age 11.
Tounsly, Robert. Father of Tounsly, Robert, age 9.
Tuff, Rebeca. Mother of Young, William, age 9.
Wade, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Wade, Adam, age 9.
Wade, John. Father of Wade, Robert, age 10; Wade, Sarah, age 7.
Wallace, Margaret. Mother of Wallace, Lily Ann, age 13.
Weyenmyer, William. Father of Weyenmyer, Joseph, age 6.
Wommert, John. Father of Wommert, Jacob, age 8; Wommert, John, age 11.
1 item. 7 pieces.
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at research desk. Photocopy made by staff member.
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