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Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Object ID
CommOrder 1822 #023
Description Level
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
This record group contains canceled orders that were issued by the county commissioners for payment to be made by the county treasurer. The orders show date, order number, amount, name of payee, purpose, and signatures of the county commissioners. In the case of "poor children," teachers were reimbursed by the county for tuition and/or the supplies purchased for students whose parents were unable to pay. Orders include: Poor Children, Almshouse, Bridges, Coroners' Inquests, Prisons, Roads, Court House, and Tax Exonerations.
System of Arrangement
The record group is organized chronologically, then arranged by order number within each year.
Date of Accumulation
County Commissioners
Adams, John
Allen, Robert
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Thomas
Armstrong, John
Atlee, Richard
Barge, Solomon
Barker, John
Barns, William
Baxter, David
Bear, Joseph
Beard, William
Beck, William
Becker, Arnold
Bender, David
Bennard, John
Bennard, Philip
Bill, Alexander
Binkley, Christian
Black, Ephraim
Black, John
Black, William
Blackburn, David
Blessing, John
Boden, Samuel
Bowie, William
Boyle, Hugh
Boys, William
Breneman, Abraham
Broom, James
Brown, Dinah
Brown, Robert
Brown, Samuel
Bryan, James
Bubach, John G.
Burg, John
Burk, John
Burkholder, Christian
Bush, John
Caldwell, John
Campbell, Martha
Carson, James
Carter, Daniel
Clark, Robert
Clark, Thomas
Cochran, Anthony
Cooper, John
Cooper, Thomas
Corsey, James
Cotston, George
Cottis, James
Coyle, James
Crase, Phineas
Crawford, David
Cully, William
Dark, Nathan
Daugherty, Charles
Denzel, Henry
Dolby, [Sebastian]
Doling, John
Donnelly, James
Donnelly, William
Donner, Leonard
Dougherty, Charles
Dysart, Andrew
Eares, James
Elliot, Thomas
England, Mrs.
England, Jane
Ergert, John
Erisman, Christian
Evans, Charles
Evans, John
Fick, Christian
Fields, Joseph
Finney, Francis
Fisher, Elizabeth
Fisher, James
Fisher, John I.
Flanagan, Thomas
Flanighan, Thomas
Floyd, William
Foglesong, Jacob
Forester, John
Fouchett, William
Frey, John
Gadders, Robert
Galbraith, William
Galbraith, William B.
Gallacher, James
Geider, Martin
Gelham, Thomas
Getz, John
Getz, Peter
Gibbs, Samuel
Gilham, Michael
Gilleland, William
Glatz, Bernard
Gontz, Peter
Graham, John
Grimes, Daniel
Grimes, Thomas
Grove, George
Grubb, Samuel C.
Gruber, Jacob
Gutjahr, John
Hagy, John
Haines, Daniel
Haines, Timothy
Hambright, Frederick
Hamilton, Andrew
Harkless, James
Harkless, Joseph
Harris, George
Harris, John
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Robert
Hart, John H.
Hatz, John
Haughey, Dominick
Haverstick, Michael
Hegy, John
Heiney, Isaac
Heiney, John
Heisley, Michael
Henry, Christian
Herr, Daniel
Hickman, Andrew
Higgins. Patrick
Hite, William, W.
Hock, James
Hoffman, Christian
Hoke, John
Hollinger, Jacob
Holshour, Peter
Holzapple, Catherine
Hoofnagle, Peter
Hornberger, Christian
Horner, Samuel
Houston, Mrs.
Houston, Ann
Howes, Jacob
Huber, Peter
Hughes, Felix
Huston, James
Huston, Margaret
Hutchinson, Alexander
Irwin, Josiah K.
Irwin, Samuel
Jackson, Samuel
Johnson, Catharine
Johnson, David
Johnson, James
Johnson, Simon
Johnston, James
Johnston, Jeremiah
Johnston, Ruth
Johnston, Samuel
Jones, Robert
Jones, Thompson
Kearney, Christopher
Keiser, Peter
Keiss, George
Kellheffer, Catharine
Kember, James
Kendrick, David
Kepler, Jacob
Keysey, Hugh
King, Catherine
King, James
King, Scott
Kline, Frederick
Kneisley, Jacob
Koenigmaker, Jacob
Krauder, John
Kreider, Martin
Kreitzer, John
Kremer, George
Kuntz, Michael
Lechler, John
Legan, Bernard
Lehy, John
Levan, Lydia
Lewis, Caleb
Lightner, Nathaniel
Long, Benjamin
Long, George
Long, John
Longenecker, Daniel
Luther, Christian
Lynch, John
Lynch, Thomas
Lyon, James
Lytle, William
Marks, John
Martin, David
Martin, William
Maw, Frederick
McCartney, David
McClelland, James
McClenahan, James
McClenighan, James
McClure, Barbara
McConahy, John
McConnely, Joseph
McCotter, Thomas
McCowan, James
McCready, James
McElwer, Roger
McFall, Hughes
McGin, William
McGlasga, Charle
McGuigan, Ambrose
McGuigan, Patrick
Meloy, Mary
Merrill, Michael
Michael, George
Midcalf, Curtis
Miller, Christian
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Jesse
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Peter
Milton, Benjamin
Money, Patrick
Monteer, Elizabeth
Montier, William
Moore, Andrew
Moore, Elijah
Moore, Isaac
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Stephen
Moore, William
Morris, James
Morrison, Patrick
Mosey, Christian
Moyers, Jacob
Mullan, James
Murray, Henry
Musselman, Henry
Myers, David
Myers, Jacob
Myers, John
Nagle, John
Neegan, Mary
Nicholson, William
Nixon, Edward
Norris, Sarah
O'Donel, Charles
O'Neal, John
Ogden, William
Paras, Jonathan
Phillips, Henry
Porter, Israel
Porter, Joseph
Porter, Robert
Ranck, Patience
Ream, Isaac
Redsecker, John
Reed, Unity
Reidenbaugh, Peter
Reiley, Lydia
Reiss, Peter
Reynolds, Eley
Richards, Mary
Richards, Polly
Richardson, Thomas
Richardson, William
Ringland, James
Ringland, John
Robinson, William
Rock, George
Rohrer, Christian
Rowe, John
Rowland, Mary
Scott, William
Seachrist, John
Seegraves, Charles
Seidenbender, Christian
Sennison, Garret
Shallenberger, Jacob
Shane, Elizabeth
Sheaffer, George
Shenck, Jacob
Shorter, Thomas
Shucker, Balthezar
Sides, John
Simpson, John
Smith, Adam
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Henry
Smith, John
Smith, Peggy
Smith, Phebe
Smith, Philip
Smith, Rebecca
Snyder, John
Sourbeer, John
Spring, Daniel
Stachen, Samuel
Stauffer, Christian
Steffy, Michael
Stehman, Tobias
Steward, Benjamin
Stouffer, Jacob
Strank, George
Strayner, Mary
Stuart, Samuel
Swagart, Mary
Swar, John
Sweeney, James
Taggert, James
Taylor, Eleanor
Thomas, George
Thomas, Peter
Tiner, George
Todd, William
Twibill, Joseph
Waggoner, Mary
Wall, John
Wallace, Mary
Walter, Peter
Ward, Richard
Wardle, George
Warfel, Abraham
Warfel, Jacob
Waters, John
Waters, Simon
Waterson, John
Weaver, Adam
Weaver, George
Welsh, James
Werfel, Abraham
Whipper, George
White, William
Williams, Hannah
Williams, Richard
Wilson, James
Wilson, Robert
Wine, William
Wisler, Abraham
Wisler, Michael
Wisler, Sally
Witaker, Jesse
Withers, Augustus
Woods, John
Woolkeel, Henry
Wray, William
Yentzer, Jacob
Youndt, George Jr.
Young, _____
Young, John
Zell, Henry
Zell, John Jr.
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Court costs
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
70 boxes (35 cubic ft.)
Object Name
Condition Date
Object ID
CommOrder 1822 #023
RG 08-01 0510
Box Number
Entered into Q&A Sep 4, 2003.
Additional Notes
Court Costs
April Sessions 1809
Note: In the document all of the following names are "Commonwealth vs."
Porter, Israel.
Fisher, James.
Milton, Benjamin.
Todd, William.
Kendrick, David.
Maw, Frederick.
Reed, Unity.
England, Jane.
Coyle, James.
Gutjahr, John.
King, Scott.
Donner, Leonard.
Taggert, James.
Lynch, John.
Richards, Mary.
Gilleland, William.
Sides, John.
McClelland, James.
Getz, Peter.
August Sessions 1809
Dolby, [Sebastian].
Adams, John.
Morris, James.
Erisman, Christian.
Grove, George.
Stehman, Tobias.
Smith, Peggy.
Bear, Joseph.
Burkholder, Christian.
Welsh, James.
Meloy, Mary.
Miller, Jesse.
Wall, John.
Shenck, Jacob.
Warfel, Abraham.
Sourbeer, John.
Warfel, Jacob.
Yentzer, Jacob.
November Sessions 1809
Brown, Robert.
Galbraith, William B.
Caldwell, John.
Huston, Margaret.
Black, John.
Ergert, John.
Kremer, George.
Oyer and Terminer
Miller, Margaret.
Kreitzer, John.
Evans, John.
Harkless, James.
Harkless, Joseph.
Carter, Daniel.
Hoofnagle, Peter.
Horner, Samuel.
Midcalf, Curtis.
January Sessions 1810
Waggoner, Mary.
Twibill, Joseph.
Rowland, Mary.
Gruber, Jacob.
Smith, Rebecca.
Burg, John.
Legan, Bernard.
Forester, John.
Miller, Christian.
Burk, John.
Zell, John Jr.
Hoffman, Christian.
Bender, David.
Breneman, Abraham.
O'Donel, Charles.
Kneisley, Jacob.
Smith, John.
August Sessions 1810.
Ward, Richard.
Donnelly, James.
Dougherty, Charles.
Johnston, Jeremiah.
Grimes, Daniel.
Taylor, Eleanor.
King, Catherine.
Boys, William.
Lightner, Nathaniel.
Sheaffer, George.
Stouffer, Jacob.
Boyle, Hugh.
Steffy, Michael.
Lyon, James.
Wallace, Mary.
Carson, James.
Hickman, Andrew.
White, William.
Bush, John.
Werfel, Abraham.
November Sessions 1810.
Herr, Daniel.
Norris, Sarah.
Longenecker, Daniel.
Martin, William.
Clark, Thomas.
Bryan, James.
Levan, Lydia.
Phillips, Henry.
Shucker, Balthezar.
Black, Ephraim.
Smith, Adam.
Harris, George.
Hoke, John.
Barker, John.
January Sessions 1811
Henry, Christian.
Money, Patrick.
Lehy, John.
Woods, John.
Youndt, George Jr.
Dark, Nathan.
Cottis, James.
April Sessions 1811
Sweeney, James.
Richards, Polly.
Reidenbaugh, Peter.
Weaver, George.
Wardle, George.
Keysey, Hugh.
August Sessions 1811
McClure, Barbara.
Denzel, Henry.
Waters, Simon.
Evans, Charles.
Dysart, Andrew.
Heiney, John.
Swar, John.
Gibbs, Samuel.
Stuart, Samuel.
Tiner, George.
Floyd, William.
Richardson, William.
Harris, Robert.
January Sessions 1812
Witaker, Jesse.
Doling, John.
Snyder, John.
Wisler, Michael.
Williams, Hannah.
April Sessions 1812
Huston, James.
Beard, William.
Corsey, James.
Mullan, James.
Montier, William.
Blackburn, David.
Gadders, Robert.
Lewis, Caleb.
Galbraith, William.
Harris, Joseph.
Richardson, Thomas.
Hock, James.
Gontz, Peter.
November Sessions 1812
Gallacher, James.
Heisley, Michael.
January Sessions 1813
Hite, William, W.
Moyers, Jacob.
Smith, Frederick.
Frey, John.
Withers, Augustus.
Strank, George.
Cooper, John.
Cooper, Thomas.
Johnson, David.
McElwer, Roger.
King, James.
Irwin, Josiah K.
Fields, Joseph.
April Sessions 1813
Donnelly, William.
Keiss, George.
Smith, Phebe.
McFall, Hughes.
McCartney, David.
Hutchinson, Alexander.
Fisher, Elizabeth.
Barge, Solomon.
Michael, George.
Monteer, Elizabeth.
August Sessions 1813
Neegan, Mary.
Woolkeel, Henry.
Finney, Francis.
Kreider, Martin.
Hagy, John.
McClenighan, James.
Clark, Robert.
August Sessions 1813.
Monteer, Elizabeth .
McClenahan, James.
Lynch, Thomas.
Morrison, Patrick.
Higgins. Patrick.
Gelham, Thomas.
Gilham, Michael.
Stauffer, Christian.
Mrs. Houston.
Mrs. England.
Kearney, Christopher.
Strayner, Mary.
Beck, William.
Miller, Elizabeth.
November Sessions 1813.
Bristo. African-American.
Miller, Peter.
Wilson, James.
Nicholson, William.
Thomas, George.
Reynolds, Eley.
Young, John.
Long, John.
Houston, Ann.
Flanagan, Thomas.
Swagart, Mary.
Krauder, John.
Holshour, Peter.
January Sessions 1814.
Ringland, John.
Cully, William.
Ringland, James.
Elliot, Thomas.
Baxter, David.
Jackson, Samuel.
Taggart, James.
Flanighan, Thomas.
Geider, Martin.
Hegy, John.
April Sessions 1814
Moore, William.
Smith, Henry.
Trusty. Mulatto.
Getz, John.
Whipper, George.
August Sessions 1814.
Anderson, Mary.
Shallenberger, Jacob.
Cotston, George.
Wisler, Abraham.
Wisler, Sally.
Long, Benjamin.
Fisher, John I.
Johnston, James.
Johnson, Catharine.
Wray, William.
Johnson, James.
Zell, Henry.
Porter, Joseph.
Kepler, Jacob.
Spring, Daniel.
November Sessions 1814.
Myers, John.
Daugherty, Charles.
Johnston, Samuel.
Smith, Philip.
Atlee, Richard.
Ogden, William.
Kuntz, Michael.
Musselman, Henry.
McGuigan, Patrick.
Becker, Arnold.
January Sessions 1815.
Koenigmaker, Jacob.
Nagle, John.
Sennison, Garret,
Steward, Benjamin.
Martin, David.
April Sessions 1815.
Armstrong, John.
Hollinger, Jacob.
Hamilton, Andrew.
Harris, John.
Binkley, Christian.
Seegraves, Charles.
Campbell, Martha.
Kellheffer, Catharine.
August Sessions 1815.
Shane, Elizabeth.
Wine, William.
McGlasga, Charle.
Irwin, Samuel.
Cochran, Anthony.
Waters, John.
Robinson, William.
Bowie, William.
Hughes, Felix.
Fick, Christian.
O'Neal, John.
Nixon, Edward.
McConnely, Joseph.
Ream, Isaac.
Kember, James.
Fisher, James.
Blessing, John.
Bennard, John.
Bennard, Philip.
Rowe, John.
Merrill, Michael.
Holzapple, Catherine.
November Sessions 1815.
Stachen, Samuel.
Wilson, Robert.
Marks, John.
McCowan, James.
Hart, John H.
Jones, Thompson.
Murray, Henry.
Walter, Peter.
Eares, James.
Brown, Dinah.
Johnson, Simon.
Crawford, David.
Porter, Robert.
Crase, Phineas.
Grubb, Samuel C.
Weaver, Adam.
Graham, John.
Luther, Christian.
January Sessions 1816.
Brown, Samuel.
McCotter, Thomas.
Trusty. African-American.
Reiss, Peter.
McGin, William.
April Sessions 1816.
Lechler, John.
Haines, Daniel.
Keiser, Peter.
Seachrist, John.
Haines, Timothy.
Lytle, William.
Allen, Robert.
Moore, Elijah.
Black, William.
Huber, Peter.
Kline, Frederick.
Reiley, Lydia.
Seidenbender, Christian.
Glatz, Bernard.
Foglesong, Jacob.
August Sessions 1816.
Long, George.
Hambright, Frederick.
Scott, William.
Moore, Stephen.
Thomas, Peter.
McGuigan, Ambrose.
Howes, Jacob.
Rohrer, Christian.
Haverstick, Michael.
Heiney, Isaac.
Bill, Alexander.
November Sessions 1816.
Anderson, Thomas.
Bubach, John G. and wife.
Paras, Jonathan.
Boden, Samuel.
Allen, Robert. Alias Jones, Robert.
Grimes, Thomas.
McCready, James.
Fouchett, William.
Redsecker, John.
Mosey, Christian.
Hornberger, Christian.
Broom, James.
Haughey, Dominick.
Rock, George.
Simpson, John.
Johnston, Ruth.
January Sessions 1817.
Hatz, John.
Williams, Richard.
Myers, David.
Moore, Andrew.
Myers, Jacob.
Moore, Samuel.
Ranck, Patience.
Waterson, John.
Shorter, Thomas.
McConahy, John.
Barns, William.
Moore, Isaac.
1 item, 1 piece.
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at research desk. Photocopy made by staff member.
Less detail
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Object ID
CommOrder 1828 #593
Description Level
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
This record group contains canceled orders that were issued by the county commissioners for payment to be made by the county treasurer. The orders show date, order number, amount, name of payee, purpose, and signatures of the county commissioners. In the case of "poor children," teachers were reimbursed by the county for tuition and/or the supplies purchased for students whose parents were unable to pay. Orders include: Poor Children, Almshouse, Bridges, Coroners' Inquests, Prisons, Roads, Court House, and Tax Exonerations.
System of Arrangement
The record group is organized chronologically, then arranged by order number within each year.
Date of Accumulation
County Commissioners
Albright, Caroline
Albright, George
Albright, John
Alton, Henry
Alton, Jacob Broom M.
Alton, Mary
Arms, Henry
Arms, Jacob Cutter S.
Arms, John
Arms, Samuel
Beaver, Elizabeth
Beaver, Frederick
Beaver, George
Beaver, John
Bennet, Abraham
Bennet, James
Bennet, John
Bogle, George
Bothhoff, Elizabeth
Bothoff, Amos
Bothoff, Henry
Bothoff, John
Boyers, George
Boyers, Hariett
Boyers, James
Boyers, Jesse
Brooks, Catty
Brooks, Jane
Brooks, Mathias
Brooks, Susan
Brown, Frederick
Brown, John
Brown, John G.
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Westly
Butcher, John
Butcher, Maryann
Clinton, Joseph
Clouse, Emely
Clouse, George
Clouse, Mary
Clouse, _____ Mrs.
Cohick, Daniel
Cohick, Susan
Cohick, _____ Mrs.
Conklin, John
Conklin, Joseph
Conklin, Nicholas
Conklin, Samuel
Conklin, Susanna
Creamer, Christian
Creamer, Henry
Creamer, Jacob
Curry, Lorenzo
Curry, Martin
Curry, Rebecca
Davis, Henry
Davis, Nathaniel
Delham, Charles
Delham, Hannah
Delham, James
Delham, Michael
Delham, Nancy
Detwiler, Christian
Detwiler, Eliza
Detwiler, Joseph
Dickey, Wiliam
Duck, Elizabeth
Duck, Fanny
Duck, George
Duck, Soloman
Eberly, George
Elexander, Elizabeth
Elexander, Soney
Elexander, William
Engle, Hiram
Engle, Mary
Engle, Moses
Engle, Susan
Fight, Ann
Fight, Emanuel
Fight, John
Fight, Lewis
Findley, Urias
Findley, _____ Mrs.
Fisher, George
Fisher, _____ Mrs.
Gallecher, Daniel
Gallecher, Henry
Gallecher, John
Gallecher, Mary
Gooden, William
Gooden, _____ Mrs.
Green, Casa
Green, James
Green, Sarah
Green, Walter
Greesinger, Nancy
Greesinger, Stephan
Harden, Elizabeth
Harden, _____ Mrs.
Harris, John
Harris, Stephan
Harris, Susan
Hauntch, Margaret
Hauntch, William
Hauss, Christian
Hauss, Jacob
Hauss, _____ Mrs.
Hollingsworth, George
Hollingsworth, James
Houston, Samuel
Houston, _____ Mrs.
Howard, Angeline
Howard, _____ Mrs.
Hughes, Harriet
Hughes, James
Hughes, Josiah
Hummel, Catharine
Hummel, Elizabeth
Hummel, _____ Mrs.
Hutton, Enos
Hutton, Lideann
Hutton, _____ Mrs.
Isenberger, Abraham
Isenberger, Christian
Isenberger, Henry
Jackson, Elizabeth
Kame, Catherine
Kame, _____ Mrs.
Keller, Amos
Keller, Iva
Keller, Leonard
Keller, Michael
Leibhart, Eliza
Leibhart, Martha
Leibhart, _____ Mrs.
Leoney, Benjamin
Leoney, James
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Sarah
Lightiser, Jacob
Lightiser, John
Lightiser, Wayne
Lockard, Charles
Lockard, Hannah
Lockard, Samuel
Lockard, Sophia
Lockard, _____ Mrs.
Mason, Ann
Mason, Isaac
Mason, William
Maxton, Ann
Maxton, George
Maxton, Samuel
Maxton, _____ Mrs.
May, Elizabeth
May, Margaret
May, Peter
McCannon, William
McCardle, _____ Mrs.
McCartney, Joseph
McCartney, _____ Mrs.
McDrum, John
McFadden, Hetty
McFadden, Robert
Mellinger, John
Mellinger, Nancy
Mellinger, Susan
Miller, Ann
Miller, Edward
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Eve
Miller, James
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Martha Jane
Miller, Maryann
Miller, Philip
Miller, Polly
Moon, Ann
Moon, Catty
Moon, Samuel
Moon, _____ Mrs.
Onetto, Henry
Onetto, Joseph
Pearson, Mary Jane
Pearson, William
Poor, Elizabeth
Poor, Mary
Poor, Samuel
Randall, Benjamin
Randall, James
Randall, John
Road, Fanny
Road, John
Robinson, Barbery
Robinson, _____ Mrs.
Roth, _____ Mrs.
Sanders, Catherine
Sanders, Hugh
Sanders, Sally
Seckel, Decorine
Seckel, Jacob A.
Seckel, Lewis
Shrader, Catherine
Shrader, Fredrick
Shrader, John
Snively, Mary
Snyder, Henry
Stillenger, _____ Mrs.
Stillinger, Nancy
Stokes, Daniel
Stokes, Peter
Strawbrdge, George
Strawbridge, _____ Mrs.
Tarbed, David
Tarbed, John
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Hannah
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Hetty
Trainer, Ann
Trainer, Patrick
Trainer, Rosana
Wade, Elizabeth
Wade, James
Walsh, David
Walsh, Henry
Walsh, Maryann
Watts, Westley
Watts, William
Way, George
Way, John
Way, _____ Mrs.
Welsh, Mary
Welsh, Thomas
Welsh, William
Welsh, _____ Mrs.
Wheelen, Jarret
Wheelen, Mary
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, James
Wilson, Rebecca
Witty, Walton
Wolf, Charles
Wolf, Henry
Wolf, Mary
Wolf, Napoleon
Wolf, _____ Mrs.
Wright, Aniliza
Wright, _____ Mrs.
Xanders, Elizabeth
Xanders, Mary
Xanders, _____ Mrs.
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
West Hempfield Twp.
Poor children
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
West Hempfield Twp.
70 boxes (35 cubic ft.)
Object Name
Condition Date
Object ID
CommOrder 1828 #593
RG 08-01 0510
Box Number
Entered into Q&A 1994/06/30.
Additional Notes
List of poor children from the township's tax lists.
Alton, Jacob Broom M. Father of Alton, Henry, age 8; Alton, Mary, age 10.
Albright, George. Father of Albright, Caroline, age 7; Albright, John, age 11.
Arms, Jacob Cutter S. Father of Arms, John, age 6; Arms, Henry, age 10; Arms, Samuel, age 8.
Bennet, Abraham. Father of Bennet, James, age 9; Bennet, John, age 7.
Boyers, Jesse. Father of Boyers, George, age 11; Boyers, Hariett, age 5; Boyers, James, age 7.
Butcher, John. Father of Butcher, Maryann, age 6.
Brown, John. Father of Brown, Frederick, age 11; Brown, John G., age 9; Brown, Rebecca, age 7; Brown, Westly, age 5.
Brooks, Mathias. Father of Brooks, Catty, age 7; Brooks, Jane, age 9; Brooks, Mathias, age 11; Brooks, Susan, age 10.
Bothoff, Henry. Father of Bothoff, Amos, age 8; Bothoff, John, age 10. [Possible third child: Bothhoff, Elizabeth.]
Bogle, George. Father of Bogle, George, age 11.
Beaver, John. Father of Beaver, George, age 10; Beaver, Elizabeth, age 8; Beaver, Fredrick, age 7. John Beaver has money at interest in the hands of her brother John McDrum.
Clouse, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Clouse, Emely, age 8; Clouse, George, age 11; Clouse, Mary, age 6.
Clinton, Joseph. Father of Clinton, Joseph, age 6.
Curry, Martin. Father of Curry, Lorenzo, age 5; Curry, Rebecca, age 7.
Conklin, Nicholas. Father of Conklin, John, age 7; Conklin, Samuel, age 8; Conklin, Susanna, age 5.
Conklin, Joseph. Father of Conklin, John, age 6.
Creamer, Christian. Father of Creamer, Henry, age 9; Creamer, Jacob, age 8.
Cohick, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Cohick, Daniel, age 5; Cohick, Susan, age 10.
Duck, George. Father of Duck, Elizabeth, age 10; Duck, Fanny, age 8; Duck, Soloman, age 9.
Detwiler, Christian. Father of Detwiler, Eliza, age 7; Detwiler, Joseph, age 5.
Dickey, Wiliam. Orphan. Age 11.
Engle, Moses. Father of Engle, Hiram, age 8; Engle, Mary, age 9; Engle, Susan, age 11.
Eberly, George. Orphan. Age 7.
Fight, Ann. Widow. Mother of Fight, Emanuel , age 8; Fight, John, age 5; Fight, Lewis, age 11.
Findley, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Findley, Urias, age 8.
Fisher, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Fisher, George, age 11.
Gallecher, Daniel. Father of Gallecher, Henry, age 7; Gallecher, John, age 10; Gallecher, Mary, age 9.
Greesinger, Stephan. Father of Greesinger, Nancy, age 10.
Hauss, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Hauss, Christian, age 8; Hauss, Jacob, age 6.
Hughes, James. Father of Hughes, Harriet, age 5; Hughes, James, age 8; Hughes, Josiah, age 10.
Hummel, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Hummel, Catharine, age 9; Hummel, Elizabeth, age 6.
Hutton, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Hutton, Enos, age 7; Hutton, Lideann, age 5.
Hauntch, William. Father of Hauntch, Margaret, age 6; Hauntch, William, age 5.
Howard, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Howard, Angeline, age 7.
Houston, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Houston, Samuel, age 6.
Isenberger, Abraham. Father of Isenberger, Christian, age 10; Isenberger, Henry, age 7.
Kame, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Kame, Catherine, age 11.
Keller, Michael. Father of Keller, Amos, age 6; Keller, Iva, age 9; Keller, Leonard, age 4.
Lockard, _____ Mrs., Widow. Mother of Lockard, Charles, age 7; Lockard, Hannah, age 5; Lockard, Samuel, age 9; Lockard, Sophia, age 10.
Leibhart, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Leibhart, Eliza, age 9; Leibhart, Martha, age 7.
Lightiser, Jacob. Father of Lightiser, John, age 7; Lightiser, Wayne, age 11.
Lewis, Joseph. Father of Lewis, Joseph, age 11; Lewis, Sarah, age 5.
Mellinger, John. Father of Mellinger, Nancy, age 7; Mellinger, Susan, age 10.
Maxton, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Maxton, Ann, age 8; Maxton, George, age 10; Maxton, Samuel, age 7.
McCardle, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of McCardle, age 7.
Moon, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Moon, Ann, age 8; Moon, Catty, age 10; Moon, Samuel, age 7.
McCartney, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of McCartney, Joseph, age 7.
McCannon, William. Orphan. Age 5.
Miller, James. Father of Miller, Martha Jane, age 5; Miller, Maryann, age 7.
Mason, Isaac. Father of Mason, Ann, age 10; Mason, William, age 6.
McFadden, Robert. Father of McFadden, Hetty, age 10.
Miller, Philip. Father of Miller, Ann, age 11; Miller, Eve, age 7; Miller, Polly, age 9.
May, Peter. Poor man. Father of May, Elizabeth, age 6; May, Margaret, age 7.
Onetto, Joseph. Father of Onetto, Henry, age 5.
Pearson, Mary Jane, age 8; Pearson, William, age 10.
Poor, Samuel. Father of Poor, Elizabeth, age 9; Poor, Mary, age 11.
Robinson, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Robinson, Barbery, age 9.
Road, John. Father of Road, Fanny, age 8.
Snyder, Henry. Father of Snyder, Henry, age 9.
Shrader, John. Father of Shrader, Catherine, age 10; Shrader, Fredrick, age 7.
Stillenger, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Stillinger, Nancy, age 8.
Strawbridge, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Strawbrdge, George, age 6.
Sanders, Hugh. Father of Sanders, Catherine, age 11; Sanders, Sally, age 10.
Seckel, Jacob A. Father of Seckel, Lewis, age 9; Seckel, Decorine, age 6.
Smith, Henry. Son of a poor widow. Age 8.
Trainer, Patrick. Father of Trainer, Ann, age 8; Trainer, Rosana, age 11.
Tarbed, David. Father of Tarbed, David. age 10; Tarbed, John, age 8.
Taylor, Charles. Father of Taylor, Hannah, age 7.
Wade, James. Father of Wade, Elizabeth, age 6.
Roth, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Watts, Westley, age 7; Walsh, Henry. Father of Walsh, David, age 5; Walsh, Maryann, age 11.
Watts, William, age 11.
Wright, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Wright, Aniliza, age 6.
Wolf, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Wolf, Charles, age 6; Wolf, Henry,age 10; Wolf, Mary, age 11; Wolf, Napoleon, age 5.
Welsh, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Welsh, Mary, age 7; Welsh, Thomas, age 5; Welsh, William, age 9.
Way, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Way, George, age 8; Way, John, age 10.
Witty, Walton. Orphan. Age 7.
Xanders, _____ Mrs. Widow. Mother of Xanders, Elizabeth, age 11; Xanders, Mary, age 9.
Delham, Michael. African American. Father of Delham, James, age 8.
Davis, Henry. African American. Father of Davis, Nathaniel, age 6.
Delham, Charles. African American. Father of Delham, Hannah, age 6; Delham, Nancy, age 10.
Gooden, _____ Mrs. Widow. African American. Mother of Gooden, William, age 9.
Green, Walter. African American. Father of Green, Sarah, age 8; Green, Walter, age 6.
Green, James. African American. Father of Green, Casa, age 6.
Hollingsworth, James. African American. Father of Hollingsworth, George, age 8.
Harden, _____ Mrs. Widow. African American. Mother of Harden, Elizabeth, age 8.
Harris, John. African American. Father of Harris, Stephan, age 5; Harris, Susan, age 7.
Jackson, Elizabeth. African American. Age 10. Daughter of a widow.
Leoney, Benjamin. African American. Father of Leoney, James, age 7.
Miller, Edward. African American. Father of Miller, Elizabeth, age 6; Miller, Margaret, age 8.
Randall, Benjamin. African American. Father of Randall, James, age 10; Randall, John, age 7.
Snively, Mary. African American. Age 6. Daughter of a widow.
Stokes, Daniel. African American. Father of Stokes, Peter, age 8.
Thomas, Elizabeth. African American. Age 9; Thomas, Hetty, age 7. Children of a widow.
Wilson, James. African American. Age 6. Son of a widow.
Wilson, Elizabeth. African American. Age 6; Wilson, Rebecca, age 5. Daughters of a widow.
Elexander, Soney. African American. Father of Elexander, Elizabeth, age 8; Elexander, William, age 9.
Wheelen, Jarret. African American. Father of Wheelen, Mary, age 9.
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