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Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Object ID
CommOrder 1827 #412
Description Level
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
This record group contains canceled orders that were issued by the county commissioners for payment to be made by the county treasurer. The orders show date, order number, amount, name of payee, purpose, and signatures of the county commissioners. In the case of "poor children," teachers were reimbursed by the county for tuition and/or the supplies purchased for students whose parents were unable to pay. Orders include: Poor Children, Almshouse, Bridges, Coroners Inquests, Prisons, Roads, Court House, and Tax Exonerations.
System of Arrangement
The record group is organized chronologically, then arranged by order number within each year.
Date of Accumulation
County Commissioners
Aaron, Joseph
Aaron, Kit
Ames, George
Anthony, Thom
Anthony, Will
App, William
Barter, George
Bartle, Elizabeth
Bartle, George
Barton, Elizabeth
Barton, Simon
Basley, John
Basley, William
Biddle, Benjamin
Billard, John
Black, Thomas
Blitt, Conrad
Boot, John
Bosly, Elizabeth
Bosly, William
Bower, Philip
Brown, Jacob
Bryson, Jesse
Buckram, Joseph
Butler, John
Butts, Matty
Caldwell, David
Carlan, Jane
Caslin, Charles
Clendenin, James
Connelly, Dennis
Crawford, John
Crole, Finley
Cunan, Mary
Davenport, Charles
Deits, Margaret
Delaware, Eliza
Dever, William
Dickaman, Joseph
Doyle, John
Drabach, John
East, Polly
Efvert, Fanny
Eichholtz, George
Erferett, Fanny
Fisher, Richard
Flanegan, Peter
Frosig, John
Galbreth, Daviod
Gardner, Thomas
Gensimer, Ge[orge]
Getz, Philip
Gillespie, William
Glascome, Abraham
Glascow, Abraham
Glasern, Abraham
Graham, Charles
Hall, William
Henning, Mary Ann
Hensel, George
Hickman, Sally
Holby, Elizabeth
Hoyt, Aaron H.
Huskins, William
Jackson, Codorus
Jackson, Nicholas
Jefferey, Mary
Johnson, Richard
Jones, Abraham
Jones, Cath[arine]
Jones, Christ[opher]
Jones, Isaac
Jones, Susan
Jordan, Isaac
Kane, Robert
Kaufman, Dr[inken]
Keller, Catharine
Kendig, Sally
Killian, Izabella
Lawrence, Jacob
Lee, Philip
Lice, Michael
Lightner, Nathaniel
Linton, Emanuel
Linton, Sarah
Lochraine, James
Loxer, Thomas
Magill, John
Marshall, John
Marshall, Nancy
Mauman, David
McAlister, William
McClosky, Ann
McCorkle, Eliza
McCormick, John
McDevit, John
McEwen, John
McFaddon, Robert
McFarland, George
McKittrick, Nancy
McLean, Benjamin
McMichael, James
Michael, James
Michaels, Lucy
Milford, John
Miller, Eliz
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Mary
Miller, Nancy
Moore, William
Morgan, Sarah
Morris, George
Mosses, John
Moyer, Nancy
Muller, Pat
Murray, John
Myers, Maria
Neelen, James
Newhouse, Philip
Nixdorf, Henry
Noble, George
OConner, John
Patton, Thomas
Peerest, John
Poulman, Fred
Prince, John
Ralf, Christian
Ramsey, Philip
Rees, Henry
Roberson, William
Saul, Samuel
Selhert, George
Sharp, Thomas
Shirden, Henry
Slater, John
Smith, Charles
Smith, James T.
Smith, Mathias
Smith, Sally
Smith, Solomon
Smith, WIlliam
Sniderass, John
Speagler, Christian
Spencer, William
Star, Job
Stephens, Levin
Steward, Joseph
Stewart, George
Stoll, William
Stoner, Samuel
Stover, Samuel
Tally, Margaret
Thomas, Lewis
Thornton, Robert
Tobias, Samuel
Trippel, Catherine
Tripple, Cath
Tully, Margaret
Turner, David
Walker, Edward
Wallace, David
Wallace, James
Warder, William
Watson, Oliver
Watt, Jane
Watts, Jane
Webb, William
Weidle, John
Weir, Margaret
Weir, Robert
Willis, Nancy
Wilson, Isaac
Wise, Catharine
Wise, Jacob
Documentary Artifact
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Commissioners' Orders for Payment
70 boxes (35 cubic tabard.)
Object Name
Condition Date
Object ID
CommOrder 1827 #412
RG 08-01 0510
Box Number
Entered into Q & A Jun 14, 2001.
Additional Notes
Payment for handling "vagrants, disorderly and suspicious persons, arrested, brought erxamined and disposed of from October 5, 1826 until July 20th 1827.
Lightner, Nathaniel. Mayor.
Persons named:
Buckram, Joseph.
Linton, Sarah.
Smiith, Charles.
Doyle, John.
Milford, John.
Caldwell, David.
Basley, William.
Basley, John.
Sniderass, John.
Wattm Jane.
Jackson, Codorus.
Stewart, George.
Speagler, Christian.
Dickaman, Joseph.
Hickman, Sally.
Delaware, Eliza.
McEwen, John.
Spencer, William.
Linton, Emanuel.
Moore, Thomas.
Gardner, Thomas.
Slater, John.
Bartle, George.
Wise, Jacob.
Wise, Catharine.
Aaron, Joseph.
Magill, John.
Smith, Mathias.
Crole, Finley.
Smith, Sally.
East, Polly.
Trippel, Catherine.
Neelen, James.
McCormick, John.
Rees, Henry.
Biddle, Benjamin.
Brown, Jacob.
sharp, Thomas.
Billard, John.
Jones, Christ[opher].
App, William.
Loxer, Thomas.
Caslin, Charles.
Thornton, Robert.
Fisher, Richard.
Jackson, Nicholas.
Smith, Charles.
Miller, Elizabeth.
Willis, Nancy.
Saul, Samuel.
Anthony, Thom.
Lawrence, Jacob.
Huskins, William.
Michaels, Lucy.
Gensimer, Ge[orge].
Michael, James.
McFaddon, Robert.
Crawford, John.
Deits, Margaret.
Myers, Maria.
Bower, Philip.
Peerest, John.
Warder, William.
Butts, Matty.
Holby, Elizabeth.
Bryson, Jesse.
Muller, Pat.
Walker, Edward.
Star, Job.
Miller, Eliza.
Noble, George.
Gillespie, William.
Morgan, Sarah.
Stover, Samuel.
Stoll, William.
Turner, David.
Wallace, David.
Hensel, George.
Erferett, Fanny.
McFarland, George.
Stoner, Samuel.
Kane, Robert.
Flanegan, Peter.
Glasern, Abraham.
Ramsey, Philip.
Jordan, Isaac.
Dever, William.
Watts, Jane.
Hall, William.
Galbreth, David.
Blitt, Conrad.
Smith, James T.
Boot, John.
Bosly, Elizabeth.
Cunan, Mary.
Weidle, John.
McAlister, William.
Anthony, Will.
Butler, John.
McMicxhael, James.
Connelly, Dennis.
Eichholtz, George.
Kendig, Sally.
McCorkle, Eliza.
Ames, George.
Killian, Izabella.
Newhouse, Philip.
Barton, Simon.
Barton, Elizabeth.
Aaron, Kit.
Mosses, John.
Wilson, Isaac.
Morris, George.
McClosky, Ann.
Murray, John.
Watt, Jane.
Shirden, Henry.
Lice, Michael.
Wallace, James.
Jones, Isaac.
Jones, Abraham.
Jones, Cath[arine].
Jones, Susan.
Patton, Thomas.
Bosly, William.
Kaufman, Dr[inken].
Getz, Philip.
Tobias, Samuel.
Smith, WIlliam.
Glascome, Abraham.
Weir, Robert.
Weir, Margaret.
Smith, Soloman.
Marshall, John.
Marshall, Nancy.
McLean, Benjamin.
Graham, Charles.
Thomas, Lewis.
Selhert, George.
Bartle, Elizabeth.
Frosig, John.
McDevit, John.
Efvert, Fanny.
Glascow, Abraham.
Keller, Catharine.
Jefferey, Mary.
Mauman, David.
Stephens, Levin.
Webb, William.
Steward, Joseph.
Lee, Philip.
Drabach, John.
Davenport, Charles.
Johnson, Richard.
Poulman, Fred.
Lochraine, James.
McKittrick, Nancy.
Hoyt, Aaron H.
Prince, John.
Henning, Mary Ann.
Ralf, Christian.
Carlan, Jane.
Roberson, William.
Tally, Margaret.
Miller, Mary.
Miller, Nancy.
Tully, Margaret.
Barter, Geroge.
Nixdorf, Henry.
Moore, William.
Watson, Oliver.
Black, Thomas.
Clendenin, James.
OConner, John.
Tripple, Cath.
Moyer, Nancy.
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