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Object ID
JAN 1818 F028
Description Level
System of Arrangement
Organized by Court of Quarter Sessions term.
Arranged by case number within each term.
Robinson, Richard
Documentary Artifact
Object Name
Object ID
JAN 1818 F028
Parent Object ID
Case Number
RG 02-00 0933
Additional Notes
Tippling house
1 item, 1 piece
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at Reference Desk; photocopy made by staff member.
Less detail
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Object ID
CommOrder 1825 #054
Description Level
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
This record group contains canceled orders that were issued by the county commissioners for payment to be made by the county treasurer. The orders show date, order number, amount, name of payee, purpose, and signatures of the county commissioners. In the case of "poor children," teachers were reimbursed by the county for tuition and/or the supplies purchased for students whose parents were unable to pay. Orders include: Poor Children, Almshouse, Bridges, Coroners' Inquests, Prisons, Roads, Court House, and Tax Exonerations.
System of Arrangement
The record group is organized chronologically, then arranged by order number within each year.
Date of Accumulation
County Commissioners
Adams, Mary
Albright, Frederick
Albright, Joseph
Albright, Peter
Algeyer, Joseph
Algeyer, Peter
Allen, William
Alsbach, Barbara
Alsbach, Henry
Anderson, John
Barlow, Catharine
Barlow, John
Barlow, Patrick
Barnhart, Catharine
Barnhart, Isaac
Barnhart, J.
Barnhart, John
Billet, Elizabeth
Billet, Peter
Billet, Susanna
Bodenstat, Henry
Bodenstat, Lydia
Bodenstat, William
Boyle, Lewis
Brookes, Andrew
Brookes, Washington
Brown, Mary
Bucher, Martin
Buller, George W.
Buller, Mary
Callwell, Catharine
Callwell, Joseph
Callwell, Mary Ann
Capp, Abner
Capp, John
Carn, David
Chapman, Mary
Cochran, John
Coil, Peter
Cooper, Austin
Cooper, Catharine
Cooper, Margaret
Cowhack, Eliza
Cromwell, Leah
Cromwell, Sarah
Davis, Henrietta
Davis, Nathaniel
Delbo, _____ Mrs.
Dennison, J.
Dennison, Sarah
Dennison, William
Dick, Elizabeth
Docherty, James
Docherty, Michael
Doke, Henry
Doyle, Eliza
Doyle, Nancy
Draper, Eliza
Drum, Hannah
Dunlap, John
Dunlap, Matthew
Dunlap, Rebecca
Dysinger, Elizabeth
Dysinger, Jacob
Dysinger, John
Evans, Evan
Evans, John
Farmer, Elizabeth
Farmer, John
Farmer, Samuel
Finfrock, Benjamin
Finfrock, Em[anue]l
Finfrock, Henry
Fittera, Elizabeth
Fittera, Jacob
Fittera, Stephen
Flint, Joseph
Flint, Mary
Fought Jacob
Fought, Elizabeth
Fought, George
Fought, John
Frederick, Eliza
Frederick, Lewis
Garst, John
Giles, William
Greene, George
Greene, John
Haines, Eve
Hallowell, Isaac
Hallowell, Elizabeth
Hallowell, John
Halston, David
Halston, Fanny
Halston, Samuel
Hambleton, Andrew
Hambleton, Cd.
Hamilton, Mary Jane
Hamilton, WIlliam
Hamler, Alexander
Hamler, Elizabeth
Hartley, Barbara
Hartley, George
Hartley, Jacob
Hartman, Sarah
Hoke, John
Hoke, William
Hunsberger, Catharine
Hunsberger, Harriet
Jamieson, David
Jamieson, Elias
Johnson, Mary Ann
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, William
Jones, Eliza
Jones, Robert
Jones, Samuel
Kain, James
Kain, Sarah Ann
Kauffman, Michael
Keller, Ira
Keller, Michael
Kelly, Charles
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Richard
Keyyey, Rosanna
Klugh, Benjamin
Klugh, Henry
Koch, Elizabeth
Leeder, Eliza
Leeder, John
Leeder, Mary
Lentz, Hiram
Lentz, Michael
Lentz, Sarah
Lisle, Catharine
Lisle, _____ Mrs.
Longenecker, James
Longenecker, John
Longenecker, Levi
Longshore, Susanna
Lyons, Mary
Lytle, James
Lytle, Rachael
M'Carron, James
M'Carron, William
M'Clellen, James
M'Closky, Ann
M'Closky, Henry
Maginnes, Mary
Maglauchlin, George
Malloney, David
Malloney, John
Malloney, Martin
Manning, Eliza
Marsh, Rebecca A.
Martin, Margaret A.
Martin, Maria
Matthias, Margaret
Maxwell, Elizabeth
Maxwell, K.
Maxwell, Mary
McAfferty, James
McGran, Lydia
McKean, Hannah
McKean, William
McNiel, Hannah
Melony, John
Melony, Margaret
Meredith, Elizabeth
Meredith, Mary
Miller, Bathsheba
Miller, Betsey
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, George Drucken
Mitchell, Joseph
Mitchell, Joshua
Moore, Jane
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Robert
Nees, Fanny
Nees, Samuel
Nees, Sarah
Nimble, George
Nimble, Joseph
Norris, John
Norris, Lydia
Norris, Thomas
Pence, Barnhart
Pence, Jacob
Pence, Samuel
Rathvon, Elizabeth
Rathvon, Jacob
Raymond, James
Reed, John
Reed, Peter
Rees, Catharine
Rhoad, Jacob
Rhoad, Mary Ann
Rhodes, Jonathan
Rhodes, Peter
Rice, Hester
Robinson, Cornelius
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, Mary M.
Robinson, Richard
Rogers, Alexander
Rogers, Hannah
Roop, Samuel
Roop, William
Sands, Elizabeth
Sands, John
Sands, Rachael
Sands, William
Schwalge, John
Seachrist, Frederick
Shafer, Daniel
Shaffner, Henry
Shaffner, Jeremiah
Shaffner, Philip
Sharer, Jacob
Sharer, John
Sharer, Michael
Shoaf, Frederick
Shoaf, Martin
Shoaf, Reuben
Simpson, Eliza
Simpson, Mary
Snyder, Lewis
Snyder, Rudolph
Spangler, Benjamin
Spangler, John
Spangler, William
Spencer, Ann
Spencer, Appellonia
Spencer, Thomas
Spoon, Catharine
Spoon, Godlieb
Spoon, Jacob
Stackhouse, Irwin
Stape, George
Stape, Joseph
Steinmetz, Fanny
Steinmetz, Leah
Strohm, Elizabeth
Strohm, Michael
Swords, James
Swords, Jane
Swords, John
Swords, Mary Ann
Swords, Thomas
Uplinger, John
Warner, Margaret
Williams, Jacob
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph
WIlliams, William
Williams, _____ Mrs.
Witch, John
Witch, Susan Caroline
Yost, Adam
Yost, Samuel
Young, Caspar
Young, Elizabeth
Young, Joseph
Yountz, _____Mrs.
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Donegal Twp.
Mount Joy
Newville, West Donegal Twp.
Poor children
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Donegal Twp.
70 boxes (35 cubic ft.)
Object Name
Condition Date
Object ID
CommOrder 1825 #054
RG 08-01 0510
Box Number
Never entered into Q & A.
Additional Notes
Poor children.
Donegal Twp., Mount Joy, Elizabethtown, Newville, Maytown,
Bainbridge, Centerville, and Marietta as specified below.
Donegal Twp.
Strohm, Michael. Father of Strohm, Elizabeth, age 7.
Jamieson, David. Father of Jamieson, Elias, age 9.
Billet, Peter. Father of Billet, Elizabeth, age 10; Billet, Susanna, age 9.
Williams, Joseph. Father of Williams, John, age 11; Williams, Jacob, age 10.
Norris, John. Father of Norris, Lydia, age 11; Norris, Thomas, age 9; Norris, John, age 7.
Hambleton, Cd. Father of Hambleton, Andrew, age 11.
Shoaf, Martin. Father of Shopf, Frederick, age 7; Shoaf, Reuben, age 6.
Dunlap, Matthew. Father of Dunlap, Rebecca, age 11; Dunlap, John, age 9.
Fought, John. Father of Fought, George, age 10; Fought, Elizabeth, age 8; Fought Jacob, age 6.
Witch, Susan Caroline, age 10; Witch, John, age 8. Orphans.
Chapman, Mary. Mother of Martin, Margaret A., age 9.
Mitchell, Joshua. Father of Miitchell, Joshua, age 9; Mitchell, Joseph, age 6.
Spoon, Godlieb. Father of Spoon, Jacob, age 11; Spoon, Cathatine, age 8.
Hartley, Jacob. Father of Hartley, Barbara, age 9; Hartley, George, age 8.
Miller, Daniel. Father of Miller, Elizabeth, age 8; Miller, Bathsheba, age 7.
Barlow, Patrick. Father of Barlow, John, age 11; Barlow, Catharine, age 9.
M'Carron, William. Father of M'Carron, James, age 8; M'Carron, William, age 6.
G____, Samuel. Orphan. Lame. Age 8.
Manning, Eliza. Orphan. Age 9.
Moore, Robert. Father of Moore, Mancy, age 10; Moore, Jane, age 6.
Carn, David. Age 7.
Mount Joy and vicinity.
Alsbach, Henry, age 10. Of poor parents.
Alsbach, Barbara, age 8. Of poor parents.
Finfrock, Em[anue]l, age 10. Of poor parents.
Finfrock, Benjamin, age 8. Of poor parents.
Finfrock, Henry, age 6. Of poor parents.
Hoke, William, age 8. Of poor parents.
Hoke, John, age 5. Of poor parents.
McGran, Lydia, age 8. Of poor parents.
Hartman, Sarah, age 7. Of poor parents.
Simpson, Eliza, age 10. Of poor parents.
Simpson, Mary, age 8. Of poor parents. Crippled.
Cowhack, Eliza, age 8. Illegitimate.
Doyle, Nancy, age 9. Orphan.
Doyle, Eliza, age 7. Orphan.
Miller, George Drucken, age 9. Orphan.
Raymond, James, age 6. Orphan.
Elizabethtown and vicinity.
Barnhart, Catharine. Mother of Kauffman, Michael, age 9.
Barnhart, J. Parent of Barnhart, Isaac, age 8; Barnhart, John, age 7.
Newville, West Donegal Twp. and vicinity
Young, Caspar. Father of Young, Joseph, age 9; Young, Elizabeth, age 7.
Rhodes, Jonathan. Father of Rhodes, Peter, age 8.
Capp, John. Father of Capp, Abner, age 10.
Maxwell, K. Parent of Maxwell, Elizabeth, age 8; Maxwell, Mary, age 7.
Calwell, Joseph. Father of Callwell, Mary Ann, age 7; Callwell, Catharine, age 6.
Greene, George. Father of Greene, George, age 9; Greene, John, age 7.
Maglauchlin, George. Orphan. Age 9.
McGlaughlin, Elizabeth. Mother of Fisher, Matilda, age 9.
Dick, Elizabeth. Mother of Hunsberger, Catharine, age 9; Hunsberger, Harriet, age 7.
Koch, Elizabeth. Age 10. Illegitimate.
Steinmetz, Fanny, age 11. Steinmetz, Leah, age 9. Orphans.
Docherty, James
Maytown and vicinity.
Rees, Catharine. Age 7. Orphan.
Cochran, John. Age 11. Orphan.
Buller, Mary. Age 6. Orphan.
Buller, George W. Age 10. Orphan.
Meredith, Mary. Age 8. Orphan.
Meredith, Elizabeth. Age 5. Orphan.
Albright, Joseph. Age 8. Orphan,
Boyle, Lewis. Age 7. Orphan .
Uplinger, John. Age 6. Orphan.
Brown, Mary. Age 7. Orphan.
Keyyey, Rosanna. Age 9. Orphan.
Doke, Henry. Age 8. Orphan. ($600).
Albright, Peter. Age 5. Orphan.
Seachrist, Frederick. Age 7. Orphan.
Delbo, Mrs. Mother of Albright, Frederick, age 8.
Miller, Betsey. Mother of Warner, Margaret, age 5.
Haines, Eve. Mother of Matthias, Margaret, age 10.
Anderson, John. Age 9.
Sands, William. Father of Sands, John, age 11; Sands, Elizabeth, age 9; Sands, Rachael, age 7; Sands, William, age 5.
Dennison, J. Father of Dennison, William, age 11; Dennison, Sarah, age 10.
Pence, Barnhart. Father of Pence, Jacob, age 8; Pence, Samuel, age 6.
Stape, George, age 9; Stape, Joseph, age 7.
Shaffner, Philip. Father of Shaffner, Henry, age 8; Shaffner, Jeremiah, age 6.
Hallowell, John. Father of Hallowell, Isaac, age 10.
Hallowell, Elizabeth, age 7.
Halston, Samuel. Father of Halston, David,age 10; Halston, Fanny, age 5.
Bainbridge and vicinity.
Lytle, James; Lytle, Rachael. Orphans. Twins, age 10.
Docherty, James; Docherty, Michael. Orphans. Twins, age 9.
Klugh, Henry. Orphan. Age 7.
Klugh, Benjamin. Orphan. Age 5.
Swords, John. Father of Swords, Jane, age 10; Swords, Mary Ann, age 7.
Sharer, Jacob. Father of Sharer, John, age 9; Sharer, Michael, age 8.
Dysinger, John. Father of Dysinger, Jacob, age 8; Dysinger, Elizabeth, age 10.
Adams, Mary. Mother of Drum, Hannah, age 6.
Longshore, Susanna. Mother of Martin, Maria, age 9.
Marietta and vicinity.
Yost, Adam. Father of Yost, Samuel, age 11; Yost, Adam, age 7.
Reed, Peter (Lan'r.). Father of Reed, John, age 6.
Brookes, Andrew. Father of Brookes, Andrew, age 9; Brookes, Washington, age 6.
Keller, Michael. Cripple. Father of Keller, Ira, age 6.
Johnson, Peter. Father of Johnson, Mary Ann, age 8; Johnson, William, age 6.
Hamilton, WIlliam. (Penitentiary). Father of Hamilton, Mary Jane, age 11.
Kelly, Richard. Father of Kelly, Charles, age 7; Kelly, Mary, age 6.
Williams, _____ Mrs. Mother of WIlliams, William, age 7.
Swords, James. Father of Swords, Thomas, age 10; Swords, James, age 8.
Malloney, John. Father of Malloney, David, age 9; Malloney, Martin, age 7.
Rhoad, Jacob. Father of Rhoad, Mary Ann, age 10; Rhoad, Jacob, age 7.
Rathvon, Jacob. Father of Rathvon, Elizabeth, age 9.
Spangler, John. Cordwainer. Father of Spangler, William, age 10; Spangler, Benjamin, age 7.
Melony, John. Father of Melony, Margaret, age 8.
Spencer, Thomas. Father of Spencer, Ann, age 11; Spencer, Appellonia, age 9.
Jones, Robert. Father of Jones, Samuel, age 8; Jones, Eliza, age 6.
Roop, Samuel. Father of Roop, William, age 10.
Longenecker, John. Father of Longenecker, Levi, age 9; Longenecker, James, age 7.
Kain, James. Father of Kain, Sarah Ann, age 9.
M'Closky, Henry. Father of M'Closky, Ann, age 10.
Davis, Naathaniel. Father of Davis, Henrietta, age 9.
Robinson, Cornelius. Illegitimate, age 11.
Robinson, Mary M. Illegitimate, age 6.
Stackhouse, Irwin. Illegitimate, age 6.
Yountz, _____Mrs. Mother of Martin, Maria. Illegitimate, age 8; Draper, Eliza, age 7.
Nimble, Joseph. Father of Nimble, George, age 9.
Snyder, Rudolph. Father of Snyder, Lewis, age 9.
Nees, Samuel. Father of Nees, Fanny, age 9; Nees, Sarah, age 8.
Farmer, John. Father of Farmer, Samuel, age 8; Farmer, Elizabeth, age 7.
Bodenstat, Henry. Father of Bodenstat, William, age 8; Bodenstat, Lydia, age 10.
Rogers, Alexander. Father of Rogers, Hannah, age 9; Rogers, Alexander, age 7.
Evans, John. Father of Evans, Evan, age 7; Evans, John, lame, age 5.
Leeder, John. Father of Leeder, Eliza, age 9; Leeder, Mary, age 7.
Hamler, Alexander. Father of Hamler, Elizabeth, age 10; Hamler, Alexander, age 9.
Lyons, Mary. Orphan. Age 9.
Allen, William. Orphan. Age 8.
M'Clellen, James. Orphan. Age 8.
Garst, John. Orphan. Age 9.
Schwalge, JOhn. Orphan. Age 8.
Bucher, Martin. Orphan. Age 7.
Maginnes, Mary. Orphan. Age 6.
Rice, Hester. Orphan. Age 8.
Marsh, Rebecca A. Orphan. Age 11.
Cromwell. Orphan. Age 10.
Cromwell, Leah. Orphan. Age 6.
McNiel, Hannah. Orphan. Age 9.
McAfferty, James. Orphan. Age 10.
Coil, Peter. Orphan. Age 11 1/2.
Frederick, Lewis. Orphan. Age 9.
Frederick, Eliza. Orphan. Age 7.
McKean, Hannah. Orphan. Age 11.
Lisle, _____ Mrs. Mother of Lisle, Catharine, age 6.
Lentz, Michael. Father of Lentz, Hiram, age 9; Lentz, Sarah, age 7.
Giles, William, age 8.
McKean, William. Orphan. Age 9.
Robinson, Richard. Father of Robinson, Mary Ann, age 9; Robinson, Elizabeth, age 7.
Algeyer, Peter. Father of Algeyer, Joseph, age 8, cripple.
Fittera, Jacob. Father of Fittera, Stephen, age 9; Fittera, Elizabeth, age 7.
Shafer, Daniel. Father of Shafer, Daniel, age 5.
Cooper, Austin. Father of Cooper, Margaret; Cooper, Catharine.
Flint, Joseph. Father of Flint, Mary, age 10.
1 item. 1 piece.
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at research desk. Photocopy made by staff member.
Less detail
Quarter Sessions
Object ID
JAN 1818 F001 QS
Description Level
Quarter Sessions
System of Arrangement
Organized by Court of Quarter Sessions term.
Arranged by case number within each term.
Gonter, John Sr.
Bletz, Jacob
Hossin, William
Jefferies, Joseph
White, Jacob
McDonald, Robert
Robinson, Richard
Moyer, Lewis
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Quarter Sessions
Liquor License
Charge: tippling house
Hempfield Twp.
Donegal Twp.
Manor Twp.
Object Name
Object ID
JAN 1818 F001 QS
RG 02-00 0908
Additional Notes
Return of tippling houses.
1 item, 1 piece
Access Conditions / Restrictions
Request at Reference Desk; photocopy made by staff member.
Less detail
Estate Inventories
Object ID
Inv 1768 F006 R
Estate Inventories
Robinson, Richard
Need to Classify
Object Name
Estate Inventory
Object ID
Inv 1768 F006 R
Box Number
Additional Notes
1 item, 1 piece
Less detail