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Commissioners' Orders for Payment
Object ID
CommOrder 1824 #056
Description Level
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
This record group contains canceled orders that were issued by the county commissioners for payment to be made by the county treasurer. The orders show date, order number, amount, name of payee, purpose, and signatures of the county commissioners. In the case of "poor children," teachers were reimbursed by the county for tuition and/or the supplies purchased for students whose parents were unable to pay. Orders include: Poor Children, Almshouse, Bridges, Coroners' Inquests, Prisons, Roads, Court House, and Tax Exonerations.
System of Arrangement
The record group is organized chronologically, then arranged by order number within each year.
Date of Accumulation
County Commissioners
Albright, George
Algier, Michael
Andrews, Arthur Jr.
Andrews, Joseph
Axer, Jacob
Bachman, Christian
Ballance, John
Bard, Daniel
Barnet, Henry
Barton, John
Basler, Samuel
Bear, Adam
Bear, H.
Becker, Christian Jr.
Becker, Henry
Benedict, Philip
Bollman, John
Bowman, William
Boyd, Nicholas
Boys, William
Brenneman, Jacob
Briceland, Benjamin
Brown, Jeremiah Jr.
Brown, John
Brown, William
Brubaker, Henry
Brunner, Abram
Brunner, Casper
Buck, William
Buckwalter, John
Bundel, Jacob
Carman, Henry
Christman, John
Clark, Robert
Cobb, David
Collins, James
Conard, Abraham
Conorry, Neel W.
Culp, David
Daily, George
Daniel, William
Dehaven, Abraham
Dietrich, Henry
Diffenderfer, Benjamin
Doebler, George
Doersh, John
Dorwart, Jonas
Eberman, Joseph
Eby, Abraham
Eckert, George
Erb, John
Erisman, Christian
Eshbach, John
Evans, George
Fass, Samuel
Foltz, Adam
Fordney, Philip
Francissen, Christopher
Gault, John
Getz, Daniel
Getz, John
Getz, John Jr.
Geyger, John
Gochenauer, Abraham
Golden, Abraham
Graef, Matthias
Graff, John
Greybill, Isaac
Hackman, John
Hambright, George
Harman, Daniel
Hartman, Henry
Hartman, Jacob
Haverstick, George
Hecksrotte, Henry
Heiss, George
Hensel, Jacob
Herr, Christian
Herr, Samuel
Hinkle, Jonathan
Holl, Daniel
Holl, John
Holl, Samuel
Houston, Thomas
Howey, John
Huber, John
Huber, Joseph
Hubley, F. D.
Ihling, John
Johnstone, James
Kegerize, Jacob
Keller, Sebastian
King, Jacob
Kinsey, Abel
Kipp, Peter
Koenigmacher, Benjamin
Kurtz, Christopher
Landis, Abraham Jr.
Landis, Henry
Landis, Joseph
Latchem, Nathaniel
Lefever, George
Leibley, Jacob
Leonard, John
Lichtentaler, Adolph
Lindemuth, Peter
Long, Abram
Long, Jacob Sr.
Long, Peter
Lovitt, Thomas
Lynch, Thomas
Martin, Christian
Martin, Samuel
Mayer, George
McCallister, Archibald
McCaskey, John
McCullough, William
McDonald, Robert
McLenagan, Archiblad
Mendenhall, Isaac
Messencope, George
Metz, Christian Jr.
Miller, Samuel
Mishey, Jacob
Mohler, John
Mohler, Samuel
Monteeth, John
Morrison, George
Musselman, Christian Jr.
Musser, George
Mylin, Martin
Nagle, Richard
Palmer, Moses
Patterson, Alexander
Patterson, Robert
Peters, John
Prim, Henry
Rankin, James
Rea, James
Ream, Adam
Ream, George
Redsacker, George
Reed, Peter
Reigle, Martin
Reist, Peter
Reitzel, John
Reynolds, Samuel
Riddle, James
Riddle, John
Rogers, Thomas
Rohrer, Jacob
Rohrer, John
Royer, Philip
Rupley, John
Scott, David
Sensening, John
Sheaffer, John
Shearer, Jacob
Shindle, Peter
Shirk, Jacob Jr.
Shirk, Samuel
Shuman, Christian
Slaymaker, Amos A.
Sourbeer, Conrad
Spangler, John
Spera, Henry
St. John, Stephen
Stauffer, George
Stehman, Jacob
Steman, Christian
Sterret, James
Sterrett, James
Tripple, Joseph
Trout, David
Wallace, John
Waltz, Valentine
Warren, James
Way, Michael
Weaver, Samuel
Webb, Jonathan
Weiss, William
Werfell, Adam
Wiedman, John
Wissler, Rudy
Withers, George
Witwer, David
Witwer, Jonas
Wood, Jesse
Zahm, Matthias
Documentary Artifact
Search Terms
Commissioners' Orders for Payment
70 boxes (35 cubic ft.)
Object Name
Condition Date
Object ID
CommOrder 1824 #056
RG 08-01 0510
Box Number
Never entered into Q & A.
Additional Notes
Court house.
Payment to jurors.
Kegerize, Jacob.
Latchem, Nathaniel.
Rankin, James.
McCullough, William.
Scott, David.
Graff, John.
Mylin, Martin.
Witwer, Jonas.
Sheaffer, John.
Buck, William.
Messencope, George.
Way, Michael.
Dorwart, Jonas.
Shindle, Peter.
Ihling, John.
St. John, Stephen.
Landis, Henry.
Bowman, William.
Barnet, Henry.
Eshbach, John.
Diffenderfer, Benjamin.
Mendenhall, Isaac.
Wood, Jesse.
Keller, Sebastian.
Monteeth, John.
Witwer, David.
Peters, John.
Brunner, Abram.
Reed, Peter.
Nagle, Richard.
Bachman, Christian.
Leibley, Jacob.
Long, Abram.
Lynch, Thomas.
Fass, Samuel.
Ream, George.
Getz, Daniel.
Boys, William.
Mishey, Jacob.
Shirk, Samuel.
Collins, James.
Rohrer, Jacob.
Holl, John.
Andrews, Arthur Jr.
Sterret, James.
Riddle, James.
Basler, Samuel.
Riddle, John.
Bollman, John.
Eby, Abraham.
Rupley, John.
Carman, Henry.
Getz, John Jr.
Long, Jacob Sr.
Harman, Daniel.
Brown, John.
Zahm, Matthias.
Hensel, Jacob.
Doebler, George.
Daily, George.
Benedict, Philip.
Heiss, George.
Palmer, Moses.
Conorry, Neel W.
King, Jacob.
Tripple, Joseph.
Axer, Jacob.
Graef, Matthias.
Becker, Christian Jr.
Bear, H.
Erb, John.
Wissler, Rudy.
Reist, Peter.
Kurtz, Christopher.
Ballance, John.
Hinkle, Jonathan.
Clark, Robert.
Huber, Joseph.
Howey, John.
Boyd, Nicholas.
Dietrich, Henry.
Martin, Samuel.
Barton, John.
Buckwalter, John.
Haverstick, George.
Shearer, Jacob.
Royer, Philip.
Martin, Christian.
Lefever, George.
Shirk, Jacob Jr.
Huber, John Esq.
Landis, Abraham Jr.
Doersh, John. City.
Mohler, John.
Evans, George.
Wallace, John.
Werfell, Adam.
Reitzel, John Esq.
McLenagan, Archiblad.
Hackman, John.
Conard, Abraham.
Wiedman, John.
Redsacker, George.
Getz, John.
Spangler, John.
Brubaker, Henry.
Landis, Joseph.
Webb, Jonathan.
Shuman, Christian.
Lichtentaler, Adolph.
Kinsey, Abel.
Hartman, Jacob.
Geyger, John.
Cobb, David.
Daniel, William.
Mohler, Samuel.
Sourbeer, Conrad.
Withers, George.
Gault, John.
Herr, Christian.
Brenneman, Jacob.
Musser, George.
Foltz, Adam.
Stauffer, George.
Leonard, John.
Mayer, George.
McDonald, Robert.
Christman, John.
Francissen, Christopher.
Algier, Michael.
Hubley, F. D.
Lovitt, Thomas.
Weiss, William.
Fordney, Philip.
Albright, George.
Bard, Daniel.
Rogers, Thomas.
Briceland, Benjamin.
Brunner, Casper.
Hartman, Henry.
Sensening, John.
Rea, James Esq.
Metz, Christian Jr.
Prim, Henry.
Miller, Samuel.
Harman, Daniel. City.
Morrison, George.
Kipp, Peter. City.
Long, Peter. City.
Trout, David.
Bear, Adam.
Bundel, Jacob. City.
Sterrett, James.
Holl, Daniel.
Houston, Thomas.
Weaver, Samuel.
Riddle, John. CIty.
McCaskey, John.
Brown, William.
Greybill, Isaac.
Steman, Christian.
Erisman, Christian.
Dorwart, Jonas. City.
Musselman, Christian Jr.
Boys, WIlliam. City.
Dehaven, Abraham.
Warren, James.
Gochenauer, Abraham.
Patterson, Alexander.
Lindemuth, Peter.
Hambright, George.
Reigle, Martin.
Andrews, Joseph.
Spera, Henry.
Koenigmacher, Benjamin.
Reynolds, Samuel.
Patterson, Robert.
Waltz, Valentine.
Slaymaker, Amos A.
Johnstone, James Esq.
Brown, Jeremiah Jr.
Eckert, George.
Rohrer, John.
McCalllister, Archibald.
Hecksrotte, Henry.
Culp, David.
Ream, Adam.
Becker, Henry.
Golden, Abraham.
Stehman, Jacob.
Eberman, Joseph.
Holl, Samuel.
Herr, Samuel.
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