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Information file - Adamstown
Information files are created for specific subjects that are associated with Lancaster County, e.g. "Rebman's scrap pile", "Ten-hour house". The files contain newspaper and magazine articles about the subject.
It was initially founded on 4 July 1761 by William Addams on the site of a former village of Native Americans, and Addams named the community "Addamsburry". The community was incorporated as a borough on 2 April 1850.[4]The town promotes itself as the "antiques capital of the United States" because it attracts many antiques dealers and collectors. Adamstown is home to the Stoudt's Brewery, Pennsylvania's first microbrewery, which was established here in 1987. The town is also home to the US's oldest hat manufacturer, the Bollman Hat Company, which was established in 1868.The Kagerise Store and House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. [,_Pennsylvania]
Adamstown (Pa.) - History.
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Information file - Adamstown
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